Swimming is considered an underwater exercise that requires you to exercise your entire body from the biceps, calves to the waist to have a toned body and slim waist. The advantage of swimming is that it is less likely to suffer injuries than surface sports.

Swimming for 30-45 minutes (equivalent to 300-500m distance) with frequency 2-3 times per week will burn a significant amount of fat in the abdomen. Adjust the swimming speed just right, combined with gentle breathing, you will see surprising effects with your excess fat in just 1 month of training.


It may be hard to believe, but actually jumping rope has many unexpected benefits. This is Cardio discipline to reduce indispensable abdominal fat in normal and professional gyms with the effect of removing excess fat in the abdomen, increasing height, good for cardiovascular and brain activity.

From 40-45 minutes skipping every morning or evening before or after the main meal 90 minutes will help the body more and more supple and firm.

Remember, you need to warm up, warm up before starting and do not exercise after 9pm onwards. You should also not sit down or eat immediately after exercising to return to a stable state.

In addition, the women working in the workplace can refer to a few exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles with Pilates:

In the office

Sitting on plastic chairs, the legs are not crossed. Exhale for about four seconds and tuck in your lower abdomen. Release gently while breathing in. Repeat this pose at least ten times and do it several times a day.

At home

Lie on your stomach, lifting the entire torso up, from the ankles to the head, keeping the lower half of the leg and the upper arm close to the ground (forming a right angle with the upper arm).

Pull in your stomach, fully stretch your back and keep the seams from the top of your head flat to your knees. Tap in front of the mirror to check that posture. Initially hold the pose for 30 seconds and continue to “swallow” but not back, then gradually increase the duration. Practice at least twice a day.

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