If you want a slim waist like a supermodel, you have to work hard. Take advantage of every time, wherever possible to advance the exercises.

Make priority to the endurance subjects. Nothing is better than endurance sports (running, cycling, rowing, swimming, etc.) because they burn off the fat that builds up in the belly.

You should maintain regular exercise sports daily. Heavy or light sport depends on the health of each person selected. Sport not only makes the muscles toned, healthy, beautiful but also helps the heart function well.


When running, our bodies consume large amounts of calories, making them more toned. Performing jogging movements, you do not need to run too fast but should be gentle to ensure long-term durability to achieve the best performance.

Jogging makes the muscles toned, giving the body the features of a statue. When running we not only mobilize the legs but also the buttocks, abdomen, shoulders, back. During a regular run every day, the muscle layers will be firmer and healthier to achieve the best effect.


Kick-Boxing is a system of exercise exercises built on the movements of Thai martial arts and boxing. Capital is a sport only for men with the attacks of both hands and feet for health and bravery are very familiar in European and American countries.

Some people think that it is “forbidden” with the “soft limbs” faction, but in fact, the kickboxing exercises focusing on the arm, leg and waist muscles will not be just simple exercises that make you.

The excitement of this exercise also helps to raise your heart rate when many of your muscle groups must work at the same time, sweat and fat will disappear quickly, which will help you have a round Two sexy with just 30 minutes a day!

Which sports to practice to have a slim waist? (Part 1)