It would be a big mistake if you think that models keep their slender bodies just by dieting, drinking water and breathing air. They also have extreme sports plans as bad as professional athletes. Many of them are not afraid to engage in sports that seem to be for men only.

1. Adriana Lima

The trend of boxing modeling seems to have been popular in recent years, but this Victoria’s Secret angel started wearing boxing gloves more than 10 years ago.

The reason is quite simple because she does not like the types of machines in the gym, so she wants to find a sport that is more active.

Do not think that this sexy supermodel is only boxing for you, but she really has the techniques that make men must be wary.

According to Adriana’s coach, she has good elbow and left hook punches: “If one day the world turned upside down and women had to make a living by fighting, then she would definitely win!”

Up to now, Adriana has been practicing hard boxing almost every day, in addition to always carrying the jump rope with him to be able to enlist fitness anytime, anywhere.

2. Caroline Trentini

Caroline also practices similar to Adriana but kickboxing (like boxing but using both legs). Nearly two years ago, after giving birth, she was introduced to kick-boxing and has practiced this sport till now.

She said she liked to find true love. This antagonistic sport not only helps her maintain a toned waist, but also promote energy, more flexible movement, more flexible, copper. there are always confident and confident poses on the catwalk.

Besides, the fighting spirit from kick-boxing helps Caroline always have strong and persistent in daily work. Kick-boxing helps Caroline to maintain a meek appearance on the catwalk and endurance in all daily tasks.

Which sports do the famous supermodels choose to keep fit? (Part 1)
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