3. Vanessa Axente

When Vanessa returned to her hometown in Hungary, she often took long biking trips around hills or large lakes. Her cycling session can be up to 40km, even 90km. When there are no conditions to cycle, her favorite sport is playing badminton or dancing to the exercises on the treadmill. Vanessa Axente is a long distance biker.

4. Joan Smalls

Joan often combines energy-burning exercise with toned, toned movements.

She attaches great importance to putting effort into the correct practice of each movement: “It is better to do 15 exercises accurately than to practice 50 or 100 times and just get done.”

Joan had been suffering from scoliosis since the age of 14, so she always focused on the exercises to help balance posture, focusing on the back and buttocks. Joan Smalls focuses on posture balance poses.

5. Cameron Russell

Cameron’s grandmother loved swimming, at the age of 90, she still competes in free swimming competitions for the elderly.

Influenced by his beloved grandmother, Cameron started learning to swim at the age of three. This is the main reason for her dream height, slim body and three attractive circles.

Cameron said, up to now, every time she visits her, she still invited her to take a swimming competition and both grandchildren expressed their love for this fun sport. Cameron Russell loved swimming because of his grandmother’s influence.

6. Karmen Pedaru

This Estonian long leg was once a young female football player in a local soccer team.

She plays football so well that she has been recruited to the national team. Karmen said that thanks to football, she was able to promote the strength of the upper body muscles, namely the shoulders and biceps. Now, with her typical job as a model, she no longer plays football.

She switched to tennis to exercise muscles and stay in shape. She said she also loves the movements of tennis, which help impact on every muscle group. She also has proud achievements after the play checks.

Karmen Pedaru used to be a football player. When she became a model, she chose tennis to train muscles and stay in shape.

Which sports do the famous supermodels choose to keep fit? (Part 2)
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