4. Cycling

Burns 500 – 1000 calories/h

The amount of calories burned will depend on how fast or slow you ride. Outdoor cycling is not only interesting but also good for your health. However, it is bad if you have to cycle in a densely populated area and often get stuck in traffic.

Therefore, you should choose places such as a park or near a lake so you can ride a bike and enjoy the fresh air. If you don’t have the time, buy yourself a cycling exercise machine. You can just watch TV while cycling, relax and exercise, it’s equally interesting, isn’t it?

5. Practice with the treadmill

Burns 600 calories/h

Treadmill is an extremely effective way to lose weight. Not only that, but it is also good for the heart, makes muscles strong and promotes stomach activity. When you practice with a treadmill, you can listen to music or watch a movie you love to both practice and relax. Moreover, so you don’t have the heavy feeling that you are practicing but like you are enjoying the relaxation.

6. Jogging

Burns 550 calories/h

This sport is light but very good for your body. In addition to burning quite a large amount of calories, you also feel more comfortable when you have to brace yourself for gym training or follow the instructional DVDs.

7. Practice through VCD discs, DVD tutorials

Effect: Burn 300 – 500 calories/h

Exercise video instruction discs also have a great effect on weight loss. Look for a disc that guides exercises that can burn energy and do it once a day. Because the more energy you burn, the more lean and compact your body becomes.

8. Running

Burns 360 calories/h

This is the simplest way you can practice to lose weight. This sport is good for the heart and helps you repel excess fat in your legs, abdomen, and hips. When you speed up the walk a bit or walk where the terrain is high, such as walking on a slope, etc., the calories burned are even bigger. Or simply, walk to the pier or bus station, etc. instead of driving too much.

9. Yoga

Burns 180 calories/h

The movements of leg stretching, stretching, etc. of Yoga are very good for relaxation and weight loss process.

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