4. Jogging

If you want to lose weight and burn excess calories, jogging is the most widely used way to date. Simply because, you can practice this subject at any time with no restraint, giving you comfort and can run more or less depending on each person’s condition.

Jogging helps to increase metabolism and heart rate faster. This requires more circulatory systems to ensure sufficient blood supply to the heart. When muscles move too much, your body temperature increases and sweats. This is a process of regulation and elimination when the energy source is used. At that time, calories were burned and helped to lose weight most effectively.

Spend 30 minutes a day – 1 hour for walking or jogging and with a regular fast frequency if you want to quickly own a slim, fat-free body.

5. Cycling

Cycling is a weight-loss method suitable for all ages, all different subjects. Riding a bicycle will help you maintain your toughness, help your leg and abdominal muscles become firmer. Normally, with the average speed of cycling, we will spend about 75-670 calories every 1 hour. The loss of energy also means excess fat is no longer available and helps to lose weight more quickly.

Therefore, if you have a bike, try to spend less time on the day of the ride. It will definitely show you the best performance.

6. Surfing

This is probably the subject only for those who are near the sea. The subject of surfing requires you to have balanced techniques, it needs the coordination of your legs, arms, and back. 250 calories is the number lost when you surf for about 1 hour.

Calculated, although not popular everywhere, this is the subject that Westerners prefer and apply the most. Because it can both satisfy passion, and support safe slimming. Although this is not a popular subject in Vietnam, it has many health benefits and helps to lose weight quickly.

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