Besides genetics, scientific diet, the practice of sports is a secret to increase the height for children.

1. Swimming

Swimming is a sport suitable for all ages, not only helps to improve health but also helps to increase height for children. Swimming is a whole body exercise, all muscles must be exercised when swimming.

Swimming in the water increases the length of the spine, increases muscle strength, which is why swimming can increase height. Even daily swimming can not cause joint injuries like the above-ground activities. Swimming is also a very interesting activity, as no child seems to refuse playing in the water!

Therefore, parents should let their children learn to swim early to enhance health, exercise endurance and endurance. However, children should practice proper swimming, when swimming must be supervised by adults, swim in a safe, clean water to ensure that unfortunate accidents occur.

2. Jump the rope

If you want your child to grow to their maximum height, never skip rope skipping exercises. Studies have shown that jumping 80-100 beats/minute will be equivalent to running 10km or cycling 30km/h. Skipping enhances the growth of cartilage, thereby promoting height growth.

The best time to jump rope is before the 90p main meal or jump rope in the morning/evening. Parents, please practice with your child, doing exercises from gently then gradually raising the level.

When jumping, you should choose a flat place, no furniture around. Choose soft shoes to avoid hurting your feet during exercise; hard shoes can cause foot pain, blisters, and damage to joints in the feet.

3. Practicing single bars

Bars are one of the sports that help increase height effectively. This sport usually applies to boys who start entering puberty. This exercise has the effect of stretching the whole body, under the influence of external forces, the bones are pulled apart, the weight of the body on the new cartilage layer is lost, making new cartilage layers to be born so that the bone long faster.

But practicing single bars only works when practiced properly. Before training, let your child warm up first, do not rush because it can cause muscle spasms during practice.

What sports should children practice to increase their height? (Part 1)
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