In the modern life, people more and more care about fitness and health which makes us to become more confident and healthier. Especially some people work in office, they have in problem with fat because they have to sit and work from morning to late noon. Therefore, they have to find solution from sports to lose weight.

However, each kind of sport will bring another result about burning calories. Further, they have other requirements about skills and power. So, you should check sport you want to play carefully before you start it. It can help you to waste time and consequence.

In this article, we share top sports for loss weight. Following it to find which sport is proper to your demand and favorite.

1/ Swimming

Estimated that swimming can help to burn 500 to 800 calories in per hour. The rate can be changed depending on your ability to join this sport.

The truth that swimming is a good idea to practice joints, bones and muscle well. Through other exercises in swimming, all parts on your body from head, shoulder, arms to legs will be practiced and active continuously. So, it’s good to burn energy.

To start this game, you should join some swimming courses so that you are safe in swimming process.

This sport is good to enjoy in the hot summer.

2/ Jogging

On average in per jogging hour, you can burn from 550 to 900 calories. This sport is good for someone to lose weight strongly.

Actually, jobbing is popular for everyone because it doesn’t require some complicated skills such as swimming, scuba diving. You only find a good place and start to join this game. Places can be a side of park, river or around entertainment center near your home. Jogging is also a pro sport to compete in international competitions

Top sports for loss weight purpose