Doing exercise or playing sports are useful workout to keep fit. Furthermore, sports bring a lot of benefits for health and mental. If you are confusing which sport is good for your body to lose weight, you can follow our ranking. We share top the best sport to help you to burn the most calories as you are possible without stress or pressure.

3/ Kickboxing

Kickboxing is an interesting game to take entire body which is good to burn up to 770 calories.

When practicing kickboxing, you can combine core, arms, shoulders, legs and glutes. It’s good to improve your cardiovascular health and great cardio.

However, this sport is easy to make injuries in practicing process. You should mind your body carefully as well comply safe cautions of kickboxing.

4/ Basketball

If you are finding a team sports losing weight, basketball is a good recommendation. This sport requires combination of teammates. Furthermore, you can burn up to 700 calories in one of exercise. By running continuously and connecting between leg and arm, you can strengthen up your cardiovascular health well.

Some experts also advise basketball is a good sport to improve muscles and bones strongly.

5/ Ice skating

Don’t think that you can’t do exercise to lose weight in the winter. Ice skating can help your body to burn some 650 calories in one exercise hour.

In ice skating, you will use leg continuously to move and dance smoothly. When you focus on slow movements like this, your leg muscles will be practices efficiently. Then as a good result, your bone build stronger and durable which is good for health.

6/ Volleyball

The next game should try as volleyball, especially the beach volleyball. This sport is useful to burn 350 calories in one hour of exercise.

The physical activities in volleyball will build up your body, arms, shoulders as well the muscles of legs fluently.

Top sports for loss weight purpose