Do you know, every year, an estimated hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested in fitness training. Natural beauty, beautiful body has become a new criterion of beauty. Check out the top 4 most popular gyms in the world today!

1. Tiger Muay Thai (Thailand) – for followers of MMA

Tiger Muay Thai Gym in Thailand is considered one of the most prestigious “fighting gyms” in the world, for those who love the MMA sport and beautiful tropical landscape with the Picturesque beach of Phuket, Thailand. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a comprehensive fighting sport.

When competing in this sport, it allows punching, kicking, wrestling. The goal of MMA is to find a perfect fighting skill from different martial arts in the world. In MMA, one can see martial artists from different martial arts such as wrestling, boxing, Muay Thai, Judo, etc.

2. Madison Square Club (New York) – Oriental-style gym

Center Madison Square Club in New York was founded by famous personal trainer David Kirsch, with the strong PR of many stars such as Heidi Klum, Ivana Trump, etc.

Designed in the Eastern style with sophisticated carpets and wooden floors next to the system of machines and exercise equipment is extremely advanced. The center is best known for personalized training on health and nutrition.

3. Equinox (New York) – gym combined with professional medical system

Considered one of the “most expensive” clubs in the world, with a membership cost of about 26,000 USD, joining the Equinox club means that you will enjoy many “exclusive” services.

Not only has many extremely modern equipment, Equinox also has many advanced machines to check health, all changes in your health and body are closely monitored by many medical experts. reputation.

4. Wellness Sky (Serbia) – Uniquely designed gym “cloud triangle”

Located near the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers in Belgrade, Serbia, Wellness Sky is considered a gym that makes others feel like “practicing in the clouds” because of its height and unique 3-dimensional triangle design.

The designers have optimized the space to take advantage of enough lighting and visibility, as well as create privacy for each training space. In addition, the gym also incorporates a spa with massage room, whirlpool bath, sauna and a small cafe.

Top 4 gym and fitness training clubs in the world
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