9. Dance

If you are looking for a fun and comfortable way to lose weight, then dancing will be the perfect choice for you. It is the exercise the whole body. Aerobic dance can burn up to 443 calories in an hour.

In addition, Salsa, Zumba and Hiphop are some of the most popular choices you can try if you like wearing shoes and then burning lots of calories.

10. Jogging

Jogging is one of the important exercises if you are looking to lose weight. The amount of calories burned depends on your running time, distance and weight.

According to some studies, exercising by running can release about 398 calories in an hour. Running is inexpensive and does not require much preparation because you only need to prepare yourself a good running shoes and a good space at the right time of day such as morning or evening and the technique is easy to learn.

However, running is an unpopular subject when running alone because it is often boring. Moreover, there are often cases of knee and toe pain that can be caused by inappropriate running or running shoes or not grasped by some simple techniques and will cause injuries such as heel pain.

There are lots of interesting and interesting sports do to help you have a slim, fit and toned body. There are sports that are very familiar and easy to do and there are quite a few interesting subjects to be a good suggestion for you to explore.

Hopefully, with 10 sports to help you fit and toned body will help you choose the subjects that you find suitable to start the process of achieving the dream body shape. Not only beautiful but also healthy. Do not hesitate any longer without starting any of you.

Top 10 sports for a fit and toned body (Part 5)
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