Named after American psychologist Royal H. Burgee, who invented this exercise, the exercise is a combination of squatting, sniffing and jumping. It gets the whole body moving. It is listed in the list of the most popular exercises today (Burpees, squatting, jumping and climbing).

Not only is weight loss effective, one of the most important benefits of Burpees is stamina. That is why it is used in various patience exercises of professional athletes from basketball players to football players.

7. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Another sport involving movement involving the whole body is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or BJJ for short. BJJ is a martial art based on the principle of using the weight of the opponent to defeat the opponent. This course requires technique, time and leverage to defeat an opponent bigger than you.

Today, BJJ is expanded into mixed martial arts. It is also used as a personal hobby or personal exercise by so many people today. It is not only a good physical exercise but also a great brain exercise when you can explore many different positions. The amount of calories you burn depends on the intensity of your exercise. Especially, you can easily lose up to 4 kg if you practice BJJ regularly properly within 1 month.

8. Boxing

If you think exercising is boring, then you should try Boxing. It is not only a struggle and will probably help you to protect yourself in life but also help you have a more balanced, toned physique. Have you ever wondered why boxers look so balanced and muscular? That’s because Boxing is considered a fighting game focused on your vital points, legs and arms. With different boxing movements, you will feel the pain of your body clearly.

An hour of wearing gloves and throwing punches can remove about 727 calories in an hour. Boxing is not just about showing strong punches, you also learn from it a lot of things, especially it is an effective remedy for flushing with poker.

Top 10 sports for a fit and toned body (Part 4)
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