Currently, the problem of obesity and overweight is tending to increase rapidly as well as the percentage of obese people is very high in some countries. Obesity has become a worry, a feeling of guilt, self-confidence that seems to be the biggest among so many, especially girls.

Therefore, many people have flocked to find ways to lose weight to expect a desired physique. But before planning a diet or exercise, it’s important to understand what is happening to your body and why you are obese or gain weight. Weight gain and obesity are caused by many different factors. It could be due to diet, genetic or physiological or inactive.

If your body is unable to burn all the calories you consume then you will gain weight by storing excess body fat. When the body is too obese it is the cause of a range of diseases from diabetes to high blood pressure. Therefore, to burn calories, it is very important to have a proper workout regimen. Here is the top 10 sports to help you have a fit and toned body and lose weight effectively.

1. Fitness

Also known as Calisthenics or Bodyweight Training, which is the exercise of body weight. These are the exercises such as sniffing the ground, sniffing and force movements that only involve the body, mainly the exercises on the bars that are very skillful and challenging by the high level of difficulty. Trainees must train to control body weight easily and flexibly under any conditions. Exercises will help you train your balance between strength, endurance, balance, endurance and willpower.

The amount of calories burned in a period of time depends on the intensity of your training. 10 minutes for a moderate workout can burn a lot of calories. The only problem is that with a high-intensity exercise, this will be a problem for overweight people. It is imperative that you use other methods for the beginning before you come into contact with advanced bodybuilding exercises. Especially, to lose weight most effectively, you must combine exercise regime consistent with diet, rest properly.

Top 10 sports for a fit and toned body (Part 1)
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