Japanese people conceive that obesity not only affects aesthetics but also manifests bad health.

The slender physique is always a wish of many people, it not only helps you be more confident in yourself but also is a manifestation of your health. Therefore, almost all women’s bodybuilding methods in this sunrise country are mostly associated with health protection. This not only helps them to have a slim body but stay healthy, without needing to weigh or exercise excessively. So what secrets help them do that?

Eat less and simply at home, respect the original flavor of the food

Eating less is choosing small portions, limiting wastefulness. In addition, they will help you become full and not overweight.

Keeping fit

Japanese people often prefer to cook meals at home and especially say “no” to fast foods as well as ready-made canned foods. They like to eat vegetables, prefer steaming rather than stir-fry, respect the original flavor of food ingredients. These fresh ingredients, which provide sufficient nutrients, limit obesity due to chemical substances, preservation, etc. in canned foods. Fried food with high temperature will lose the original nutritional content, even increase the risk of cancer.

Their meals are also reasonably structured with a low-starch diet, lots of fish and green vegetables. The amount of green vegetables in their meals is usually 5 times higher than Westerners.

Splitting rations, less starch, regularly eating fish and green vegetables is a secret to help Japanese maintain their slim shape. Therefore, if you want your body to be healthy, limit your illness and keep your body as slender as you are, simply eat your food with fresh, clean and simple foods like steaming, boiling and not. forget fish as well as daily vegetables.

Maintain the ideal waist index

Waist index is an issue for each individual, but in Japan, there are laws that require companies to check the waist index for employees between the ages of 40-75 years. People with excess waist circumference will need to have their blood pressure checked, blood sugar, blood fat, if not up to standard, will be included in the group of people at risk of metabolic syndrome. Keeping the ideal waist index under this rule is also a way to preserve their effective shape.

The Japanese secrets to keep fit and maintain slim shape (part 1)