6 sports that help increase height quickly (Part 1)

Scientists have shown that height is most influenced by nutrition factors with 30%, genetic genes affect only 23% while physical activity decides up to 20%.

Therefore, those of you who are modest in height can still improve the situation by working hard, exercising and exercising. Here are some sports to help you increase your height.


Swimming is a popular sport. This sport not only helps you have a good physique, a well-proportioned body but also helps you to increase your height effectively. Swimming helps develop height especially effective if you started swimming as a teenager or puberty.

However, for those who have gone through puberty, when you do regular swimming sports can still increase significantly height. When you swim, your body is moving all kinds of muscles, especially muscles in the legs, arms and chest.

Moreover, the movements and struggles in the water require the performers to stretch and train the flexibility and endurance of the muscles, strengthen bones and increase the length of the spine, expand the shoulders and chest, Improve height significantly.


Basketball is one of the sports that helps you increase the most effective height. When playing basketball you will have to perform the jump and rise up frequently with the throwing motion. This will help your joints be stretched to the maximum, growth hormones will be born more. That helps basketball players increase height faster.

And if you play outside, it also helps you to absorb sunlight during the day to synthesize vitamin D which is very helpful for your bone development.

Pull-up exercises

This is a simple sport that has a positive effect on the height of the body. Just a single bar, hanging in an appropriate position, you can practice every day. In addition, this exercise does not take too much time and effort.

Therefore, every day you should practice a single bar about 10-15 minutes, you will have a slim body and improved height effectively.

Which sports to practice to have a slim waist? (Part 1)

If you want a slim waist like a supermodel, you have to work hard. Take advantage of every time, wherever possible to advance the exercises.

Make priority to the endurance subjects. Nothing is better than endurance sports (running, cycling, rowing, swimming, etc.) because they burn off the fat that builds up in the belly.

You should maintain regular exercise sports daily. Heavy or light sport depends on the health of each person selected. Sport not only makes the muscles toned, healthy, beautiful but also helps the heart function well.


When running, our bodies consume large amounts of calories, making them more toned. Performing jogging movements, you do not need to run too fast but should be gentle to ensure long-term durability to achieve the best performance.

Jogging makes the muscles toned, giving the body the features of a statue. When running we not only mobilize the legs but also the buttocks, abdomen, shoulders, back. During a regular run every day, the muscle layers will be firmer and healthier to achieve the best effect.


Kick-Boxing is a system of exercise exercises built on the movements of Thai martial arts and boxing. Capital is a sport only for men with the attacks of both hands and feet for health and bravery are very familiar in European and American countries.

Some people think that it is “forbidden” with the “soft limbs” faction, but in fact, the kickboxing exercises focusing on the arm, leg and waist muscles will not be just simple exercises that make you.

The excitement of this exercise also helps to raise your heart rate when many of your muscle groups must work at the same time, sweat and fat will disappear quickly, which will help you have a round Two sexy with just 30 minutes a day!

‘National Runner’ runs the 100th marathon in 10 years

Yuki Kawauchi marks his 100th marathon run in 10 years by joining the Hofu Yomiuri Marathon on December 15.

According to NHK, Yuki Kawauchi finished seventh with a time of 2 hours 14 minutes 17 seconds, at Hofu Yomiuri Marathon on December 15.

The run in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan, marks the 100th anniversary of the 32-year-old runner, dubbed the “national runner” of Japan, running a marathon (42,195 km) in the past 10 years.

Hochi News described Kawauchi as a group of about 20 people who jumped right from the first kilometers with an average speed of 3 minutes 5-6 seconds per kilometer. This running foot only lagged after the 20th kilometer.

The race gradually became difficult for Kawauchi. Despite being cheered on by the viewers on the two sides of the road, he still could not speed up, accepting achievement that did not meet expectations.Matthew Kiprotich, a 47-year-old Kenyan runner-up, finished first with 2 hours 10 minutes 47 seconds.

“I’m ashamed to receive so much support. But I can’t breathe,” Kawauchi told NHK after the race. “I can’t imagine this has been the 100th marathon in the last 10 years, since the first time in 2009. I didn’t keep up with the lead and in the end, I had a bad tournament.”

Kawauchi will try his best to escape the current situation. He said: “I think in June and next seven years, my marathon count of less than 2 hours and 20 minutes will reach 100. I will focus on that goal.”

Kawauchi drew media attention after he finished first at the Boston Marathon, one of the six most prestigious running events on the planet, in April 2018. At that time, this 32-year-old runner was not a professional athlete. His main occupation is as a civil servant, working as a desk clerk – collecting tolls and answering telephones – at an adult vocational and continuing education center in Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

Kawauchi did not promise to participate in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics because he felt he would not compete well in a race held in the heat. In addition to Tokyo, Kawauchi also aims to receive a medal at the world athletics championship in Eugene, Oregon, USA, in 2021.

How to choose a suitable running shoes? (Part 2)

The thumb and second finger will push the body forward so the runner often occurs the phenomenon of muscle tension, skin callus, heel pain, lower leg bone pain, deformation of the big toe. If your foot is misaligned, you need to wear motion control shoes to prevent excessive foot flip.

The phenomenon of external deviation is the foot after landing, instead of flipping in, it overturns out, body weight is put up on the little finger and the edge of the foot, the shock is severe.

Thrust from the little toe, fourth finger and outer edge of the foot creates high arch, very concave feet. If the foot is out of shape, a lot of cushioning shoes should be selected to support the foot to flip inwards.

Note the parts of the shoe

When choosing shoes, you need to pay attention to the parts of the shoes: uppers, sole soles, soles, back heels, soles, foot height and toe tips (heel-to-toe).

Accordingly, each component will be designed by the manufacturer with different materials to suit each type of foot or each type of terrain. For example, most shoe soles are made of carbon rubber with a rough surface.

Rubber has a better smoothness often used in the area of ​​the foot of the foot. Trailers or hills often choose shoes with a carbon rubber outsole to avoid scratches, while runners often choose rubber rubber shoe outs that help to reduce weight.

For most people, jogging is seen as an aerobic exercise that uses oxygen, which burns sugars, fats into energy. Running promotes mental health, reduces stress, improves learning and work, and improves sleep. When you run, the footsteps combine smoothly with breathing, thereby helping the lungs breathe better.

For middle-aged or older people, running helps keep healthy legs flexible. Being physically active, the blood vessels are elastic and help increase elasticity, stabilize blood pressure, and reduce the risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease. People who are at an early stage of diabetes and osteoporosis are encouraged to run regularly by doctors.

For obese people, jogging is an effective way to lose weight. On average, every hour running at a high speed, you burn hundreds of calories. Not only weight control, this discipline also strengthens the joints, ligaments, better bearing, increasing the body’s ability to balance.

How to overcome laziness to get up early to jog every day (Part 2)

Change body habits

The excretory system and the stomach must also adapt to the daily wake up jog mode. During the first few runs, I often had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the race. Therefore, I have found a few tips to solve this problem. Firstly, if I wake up, I don’t feel bad about urination, I will exercise a little bit, doing a strong warm-up exercise to be able to solve right at home.

These ways, you only need to apply for the first few days, then the body can get used to the new habit and the running distance will be more complete.

Let the running become relaxing

One of the biggest obstacles in the first week is that sometimes the body is not ready for the morning run. It took me 5 minutes to brush my teeth, to wear the equipment, to get ready to wear, but while the brain was burning to run, my body was not.

Experts say that those who try to run up to the Boston Marathon‘s pace in practice often do not reach their actual running goals. However, when entering the competition, runners can run about 15% faster.

The early mornings helped me realize that it was not always necessary to run like a race. If I put in enough effort, I can still make great strides.

Step into the road in a relaxed way

I spend Saturday every week on long distance training with the goal of achieving a pace of 6:51. To achieve this, I need a new action plan. On weekends, I try a slightly different exercise method.

In order to get out of the house at 7am, I got up at 5am, took a shower and ate a small breakfast with peanut bran bread and bananas. After that, I also spent a few minutes listening to my favorite music list just for running time. When I got out the door at 7 o’clock, my mind was fully focused on the road ahead.

My body has now fully adapted to the jogging schedule every early morning. I am very happy to share these lines because the morning jogging made my day a little less stressful and I was getting closer and closer to my goal in the long run.

How to choose a suitable running shoes? (Part 1)

When choosing shoes, besides eye-catching appearance, you should pay attention to the features of the shoes to match the running target, terrain, foot characteristics.

Sneakers are one of the most important things for runners. The following factors help you choose the right shoes for the exercise goals.

Determination of terrain

First of all, you need to determine the conquering target and the terrain will run as asphalt, steep mountain roads or on a treadmill. For each terrain, manufacturers will choose different materials.

Specifically, road-running shoes (road-running) are the types of shoes designed to run on flat roads, sidewalks and some rough rugged terrain. These shoes are usually very light, flexible, made by pads or foot pads when running on hard surfaces.

Meanwhile, trail running shoes have thick rubber pads under the sole, enhancing adhesion and protecting the foot, helping runners from pain when running on concave, rocky, rooted surfaces. Trees and obstacles.

Cross training shoes designed specifically in the gym, gym or treadmill.

Determine the type of foot

The pronation is the grounding motion of the foot when a person is walking or running. To determine the type of ankle deviation, you can see the worn part of the sole.

Depending on the ankle deviation, you need to pay attention to elasticity, reduce the force of the ground impact on the foot, the balance and the ability to control the movement of the shoe. There are three types of legs: normal, internal and external.

The normal form is when the foot touches the outside of the heel, tilts inwards about 15 degrees, then toes. The front part of the foot will create forward thrust. The foot will not be damaged due to a balanced body weight, reduced shock. A person with normal feet suitable for a reasonably cushioned shoe.

Deviate in low arch type, flat feet. The foot lands on the outside of the heel, after which the foot will flip very deeply into the inner sole, the weight of the foot will be put on the big toe and the foot in the foot.

How to overcome laziness to get up early to jog every day (Part 1)

For many people, being able to wake up every morning, overcome the sleepiness to put on their shoes, enter the running track is sometimes a process of ideological struggle. In the winter, the “war” getting up early is even more difficult.

Brian Dalek – Runner’s World editor, who has many years of experience in running and participating in famous marathons also has struggled to practice the habit of getting up early. Brian said he himself has experienced a lot of challenges to force himself into the frame and jog every day.

Below is Brian’s share on his journey to conquer his shoes every morning.

Normally, I could wake up early to work or clean the house even though I only slept 5 to 6 hours the night before. However, with running alone, I have never successfully built the morning running routine. I often promise to get up early, convince myself that if successful, a great day will wait ahead. But the result was always that I woke up, staggered out of bed and ran a few kilometers in a depressive, uninteresting manner.

Recently, because I signed up for a marathon, I practiced more often and ran at noon. However, the new job appeared that forced me to set a goal of practicing my morning routine within 15 days. I need to run daily before 8 am for weekdays and before 7 am with weekends. After the practice, I also learned a few lessons to build the habit.

When I first started working on the plan, I usually didn’t prepare anything the night before, resulting in waking up the next morning in a panic to look for clothes and shoes. After that, I often go through an unhappy run and worry about the situation in the next days.

So the task here is very clear. For a successful morning run, the night before, I will plan the distance, get ready clothes, prepare lunch and make coffee to use after the run. This way I don’t need to make any decisions while I’m still sleepy.

Also more important is how to wake up when the alarm clock goes off. My secret is to keep the phone within reach when I wake up. When the alarm went off, I immediately opened some apps like email and calendar on my phone, so the blue light from the screen gradually made me overcome my sleepiness and stretched my legs out of bed.

Top 10 sports for a fit and toned body (Part 5)

9. Dance

If you are looking for a fun and comfortable way to lose weight, then dancing will be the perfect choice for you. It is the exercise the whole body. Aerobic dance can burn up to 443 calories in an hour.

In addition, Salsa, Zumba and Hiphop are some of the most popular choices you can try if you like wearing shoes and then burning lots of calories.

10. Jogging

Jogging is one of the important exercises if you are looking to lose weight. The amount of calories burned depends on your running time, distance and weight.

According to some studies, exercising by running can release about 398 calories in an hour. Running is inexpensive and does not require much preparation because you only need to prepare yourself a good running shoes and a good space at the right time of day such as morning or evening and the technique is easy to learn.

However, running is an unpopular subject when running alone because it is often boring. Moreover, there are often cases of knee and toe pain that can be caused by inappropriate running or running shoes or not grasped by some simple techniques and will cause injuries such as heel pain.

There are lots of interesting and interesting sports do to help you have a slim, fit and toned body. There are sports that are very familiar and easy to do and there are quite a few interesting subjects to be a good suggestion for you to explore.

Hopefully, with 10 sports to help you fit and toned body will help you choose the subjects that you find suitable to start the process of achieving the dream body shape. Not only beautiful but also healthy. Do not hesitate any longer without starting any of you.

4 reasons why you need to work out (Part 2)

Here are 4 great reasons to understand that you really need to work out.

Secondly, when women are stronger and able to perform important events, we don’t think it is possible, we ask ourselves, “Wow, what can I do?” Will never have to worry about how to feel motivated again. You will always want to step up your work, do so much more to see how much better you can be accomplished.

This is a very powerful factor because regular and continuous exercise for a long time will lead to better results for your body for the next days, you will maintain Long-term results because you will be empowered, motivated for life!

3. Becoming stronger and healthier

If your goal is to burn your body fat, or just look better, you can rely on the bathroom scale to measure your success. As a result, you can almost become obsessed with numbers glaring back at you.

But something powerful happens when women drop the numbers and measurements and focus instead on weights. Striving to get stronger, it’s more likely you’ll be more worried about how much weight you can push, pull, or squats than the number you see on your bathroom scale.

For a lot of women, this is a big deal. Your opinion in your body must be based on what it can do and achieve, not in relation to gravity. When you measure success by more than what you can do instead of how much less you can weigh, you will be more, and happier.

And here’s the really great part: When you focus on empowering and perform a little bit better continuously every time you repeat the exercise, you will still achieve the amazing physique goals.

4. Proud and love yourself more

Many women want to look great, and that is not a wrong with that. But I think there’s one more important thing that we all start to love our bodies, not to care about the way they look because they just look and it doesn’t make us better. Power goal helps you love your body because of its physical ability. You do not need to wait until you improve your body fat percentage; You can be proud of your body right now.

Learn to love your body for what it can do instead of it being released. You are no longer shackled to the idea of ​​perfection, and freedom but an unbelievable feeling. So train and unleash your true power.

Top 10 sports for a fit and toned body (Part 4)

Named after American psychologist Royal H. Burgee, who invented this exercise, the exercise is a combination of squatting, sniffing and jumping. It gets the whole body moving. It is listed in the list of the most popular exercises today (Burpees, squatting, jumping and climbing).

Not only is weight loss effective, one of the most important benefits of Burpees is stamina. That is why it is used in various patience exercises of professional athletes from basketball players to football players.

7. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Another sport involving movement involving the whole body is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or BJJ for short. BJJ is a martial art based on the principle of using the weight of the opponent to defeat the opponent. This course requires technique, time and leverage to defeat an opponent bigger than you.

Today, BJJ is expanded into mixed martial arts. It is also used as a personal hobby or personal exercise by so many people today. It is not only a good physical exercise but also a great brain exercise when you can explore many different positions. The amount of calories you burn depends on the intensity of your exercise. Especially, you can easily lose up to 4 kg if you practice BJJ regularly properly within 1 month.

8. Boxing

If you think exercising is boring, then you should try Boxing. It is not only a struggle and will probably help you to protect yourself in life but also help you have a more balanced, toned physique. Have you ever wondered why boxers look so balanced and muscular? That’s because Boxing is considered a fighting game focused on your vital points, legs and arms. With different boxing movements, you will feel the pain of your body clearly.

An hour of wearing gloves and throwing punches can remove about 727 calories in an hour. Boxing is not just about showing strong punches, you also learn from it a lot of things, especially it is an effective remedy for flushing with poker.