8 great benefits of the gym that may surprise you (Part 1)

What are the benefits and effects of exercising? This will surely be the question of many gym people. Men go to the gym simply because they want to have a strong, muscular body. And women go to the gym with the dream of a beautiful, slim body.

However, gyms bring more benefits than that, but not everyone knows all those benefits. So, in this article, let’s explore 8 great benefits of gym in the article below!

What is gym and its effect?

Gym, or fitness is derived from Greece. Gym is the abbreviation of gymnasium, which means exercise activities in the gym.

So what is the effect of gym? Is gym good? Should gym or not? These are probably the questions of many people who intend to practice this subject. The answer is whether to exercise. By doing the gym helps bring many good effects for the health and beauty of the practitioner. That’s why gyms are becoming more and more popular in modern life today.

Men who exercise will help bring a toned, healthy body. The excess fat will gradually be converted into muscle mass. Improve health and enhance cardiovascular activities, 6-pack body is always the desire of the brothers. Women in the gym will help the body blooming and slim. At the same time enhances the physiology and activities also become more agile.

Helping you own a fit body

Surely this is also the desire of most people when looking to the gym. Yes, the hard, proper training when combined with a reasonable diet, science will help you quickly find yourself a desired body.

The effects of the gym will help you find the three more standard measurements. The body is fuller and firmer. From there help you always happy, confident about your body.

Not only that, for men, the gym effect will help the boys develop big body, broad shoulders, and developing muscle. Refer to Diet for weight loss gyms to help increase the efficiency of training!

How the body work when running 42km? (Part 1)

The whole body is pushed out of the normal range when the nervous system, excretory system, muscles, joints are moving continuously for 42km.

Whether you are a professional athlete or need to exercise to relieve stress and exercise, jogging is a sport that boosts the physiological system in the body to the maximum. Even with the best athlete, running a full marathon (42 km) made them ache from head to toe. The whole body undergoes significant changes to adapt to the needs of the metabolism, thermostats when running at this distance.

At the starting line

When you wait for the call to race, the adrenaline rush increases so your heart rate gradually builds up. The brain starts sending signals to the lungs to increase breathing rate.

From the first steps, all physical support systems of the body such as skeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, immune, nervous and endocrine systems will quickly fall into overload. When running, the heart will pump blood around the body 3 times more than when you rest. More blood is pumped from the heart to the muscles than the liver, kidney or spleen.

Respiratory and exothermic

The amount of heat generated from the body will increase by 30 to 40 during a marathon. In order to keep the body temperature constant at 36 to 38 degrees C, a part of the blood will be transported from the muscles to the skin, through the sweat glands, draining the heat to the outside to cool the body.

During the leg, you will lose 3 to 6 liters of sweat. Without timely rehydration, the runner is very likely to become dehydrated. The body will have to choose between transporting blood to the heart for the movement of the muscles that catch or supply blood to the capillary system under the skin, operating the body cooling system. Either way, your running record will suffer in a bad way.

Five more Serie A players are infected with nCoV

Four Sampdoria players and one Fiorentina member are positive for corona virus.

Dusan Vlahovic, striker Fiorentina, is the latest name in the infected Serie A list, after having the test results earlier in the evening of 13/3, Rome time. A few hours earlier, Sampdoria recorded five more positive cases for nCoV, including four players Omar Colley, Albin Ekdal, Antonino La Gumina, Morten Thorsby, and the chief physician of Amedeo Baldari.

Plus striker Sampdoria Manolo Gabbiadini and Juventus center-back Daniele Rugani, Serie A, as of March 13, had seven infected players and their names were publicly known.

Immediately after learning the results of Vlahovic’s test, Fiorentina activated all necessary medical procedures according to the instructions of the Italian health authority. All club members are tested for nCoV, and isolated from those who have contact with 20-year-old striker Serbia. And Vlahovic, through Instagram, reassured fans that he was “okay”.

Serie A stopped playing from the weekend, after the Italian government ordered to stop all sports activities on the territory until April 3. As of March 13, according to Rome, Italy has nearly 15,000 cases of positive for nCoV and 1266 deaths from this virus.

Ronaldo is not infected with nCoV

Mayor Madeira, the home town of Cristiano Ronaldo, confirmed the star was not infected with the corona virus.

Ronaldo quarantined himself on 12/3, after teammate Daniele Rugani was positive for the virus. He remained in Madeira after a flight from Italy to visit his mother.

Due to Rugani’s illness, Juventus isolated 121 players and coaches of the A team and the youth teams. The defending Serie A champion also denied rumors that striker Paulo Dybala was infected.

In the last match, against Inter Milan, Rugani was on the list of players despite not coming on the field. After the Juventus victory, the defender shared his joy with the rest of the team in the dressing room.

After Rugani, Serie A has another virus infection, Manolo Gabbiadini, the Sampdoria club striker. Organizers postpone the tournament until at least April 3, part of a plan to postpone all sporting events across Italy.

Italy also sealed off the entire country after becoming the largest outbreak in Europe.

5 common sports that effectively help you lose weight (Part 2)

According to research, with 1h30 minutes a day swimming, you will be able to burn from 90 to 550 calories. In addition, swimming also works to improve the health of the cardiovascular system and lungs.

So, to help you lose weight quickly, spend about 30 minutes a day swimming. You will quickly get back the expected results.

4. Jogging

Jogging helps you burn fat efficiently for your entire body. If you follow a healthy diet with walking at a steady pace of 30-45 minutes for at least 4-5 days per week, you will witness a gradual reduction in that weight.

This low-impact exercise increases your metabolism as well as your heart rate. A higher metabolism rate will burn calories at a faster rate, thus helping to eliminate the fat build up around your abdomen. In fact, walking reduces the risk of injury and is considered a good exercise for beginners.

5. Jumping rope

Jump rope helps to keep the body fit and toned. According to many studies, 30 minutes of skipping will help the body consume 450 calories, jumping rope continuously for 10 minutes is equivalent to running 30 minutes or 20 minutes sports dancing.

The first time when practicing with this jump rope is best to practice at a moderate pace then gradually increase the speed. Want to lose weight fast, you do not need to jump at a speed too fast and too high that you need to jump rope with endurance. Each exercise should be at least 30 minutes, after 5 to 10 minutes should stop for a few minutes and then continue.

In summary, exercising and exercising is one of the habits that are good for health and should be done daily. If you want to lose weight fast to have a perfect body, you can refer to the sports above. Do not forget to share the article to friends and relatives around.

Top 4 gym and fitness training clubs in the world

Do you know, every year, an estimated hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested in fitness training. Natural beauty, beautiful body has become a new criterion of beauty. Check out the top 4 most popular gyms in the world today!

1. Tiger Muay Thai (Thailand) – for followers of MMA

Tiger Muay Thai Gym in Thailand is considered one of the most prestigious “fighting gyms” in the world, for those who love the MMA sport and beautiful tropical landscape with the Picturesque beach of Phuket, Thailand. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a comprehensive fighting sport.

When competing in this sport, it allows punching, kicking, wrestling. The goal of MMA is to find a perfect fighting skill from different martial arts in the world. In MMA, one can see martial artists from different martial arts such as wrestling, boxing, Muay Thai, Judo, etc.

2. Madison Square Club (New York) – Oriental-style gym

Center Madison Square Club in New York was founded by famous personal trainer David Kirsch, with the strong PR of many stars such as Heidi Klum, Ivana Trump, etc.

Designed in the Eastern style with sophisticated carpets and wooden floors next to the system of machines and exercise equipment is extremely advanced. The center is best known for personalized training on health and nutrition.

3. Equinox (New York) – gym combined with professional medical system

Considered one of the “most expensive” clubs in the world, with a membership cost of about 26,000 USD, joining the Equinox club means that you will enjoy many “exclusive” services.

Not only has many extremely modern equipment, Equinox also has many advanced machines to check health, all changes in your health and body are closely monitored by many medical experts. reputation.

4. Wellness Sky (Serbia) – Uniquely designed gym “cloud triangle”

Located near the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers in Belgrade, Serbia, Wellness Sky is considered a gym that makes others feel like “practicing in the clouds” because of its height and unique 3-dimensional triangle design.

The designers have optimized the space to take advantage of enough lighting and visibility, as well as create privacy for each training space. In addition, the gym also incorporates a spa with massage room, whirlpool bath, sauna and a small cafe.

5 common sports that effectively help you lose weight (Part 1)

Not only helps to bring about a supple health, a healthy body, but the following sports also help people lose weight quickly and effectively. Along Songmanhkhoe reference offline.

1. Running

Running helps you lose weight quickly.

Jogging is one of the best secrets to burning fat as well as giving you good health.

Jogging enhances metabolism and faster heart rate. This requires the circulatory system to work harder to ensure adequate blood supply to the heart. When muscles work too much, they will cause body temperature to rise, sweating. This is the process of regulating and eliminating energy when it is used. At that time, calories have been burned and help lose weight most effectively.

Every day, you should spend from 30 minutes to 1 hour to jog. Combined with a proper diet and rest, you will quickly get a perfect physique and enduring health.

2. Cycling

Cycling helps to lose weight effectively

Bicycling will help you maintain a healthy body, helping your leg and abdominal muscles become firmer.

Normally, with average cycling speed, every 1 hour we will consume about 75 – 670 calories. The loss of energy also means that the fat is no longer available and helps to lose weight faster.

This is one of the sports to help lose weight suitable for all ages and all subjects. At the same time, this is also a sport to help reduce belly fat that many people choose.

3. Swimming

Swimming is a sport suitable for people of all ages and all different states with the effect of weight loss while improving health extremely effectively.

When swimming, due to the pressure of the water, the muscles will have a chance to move more regularly and more frequently than usual. Swimming will be a way to maintain body health, muscle tone, endurance.

What sports should children practice to increase their height? (Part 2)

4. Badminton

Scientifically proven, badminton is a sport to increase height for children. In addition to being entertaining, fun, stress relieving playing badminton also helps improve fitness, relax muscles, train reflex speed, forge eyes, strong bones, lose weight, especially increase height.

When playing badminton, children need to be physically active. The lower body needs a lot of movement such as running, jumping promotes long bones, especially the knees. The upper body needs to reach up and reach to support the bridge continuously. These movements contribute to stimulating cartilage growth, thereby prolonging the bones.

However, if you want to increase your height, right after training you need to supplement a reasonable diet to avoid losing strength and replenishing lost energy. Need to provide good foods for height growth including protein and calcium rich foods such as meat, fish, eggs, milk, shrimp, legumes, etc.

5. Yoga

Yoga is a better fit for girls. Gentle yoga, helps the body and mind to be calm, trains the body to be flexible. After a tiring day of studying, not everyone wants to spend an hour to practice sports that need a lot of exercise such as basketball, badminton … then yoga is a perfect choice.

However, children should participate in yoga classes to learn the technical masterpieces and then they should practice at home. During practice, children must eat a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D to increase height effectively.

6. Basketball

Practicing basketball properly, regularly not only helps children increase the ability to play ball, improve health but also help develop effective height. When playing basketball children have to move continuously, jump high and stretch regularly to catch the ball, throwing the ball to stimulate cartilage growth and stretch.

If exercised for 1 hour continuously, the growth hormone increased 300 times higher than normal. Playing basketball also makes the child’s respiratory and cardiovascular systems healthier, more alert to the eye and more active in the brain.

7. Stretching exercises

One simple and less time-consuming method is to do stretching exercises. If you perform the right techniques, daily practice, just spend 10-20 minutes a day, the height of the child will be significantly improved after a period of practice.

The best time to practice is in the morning and before bedtime. Before training should start warm up, the movements should maintain for 15 – 30 seconds, repeat 3-4 times. Do not hold a movement for more than 30 seconds will cause muscle damage.

What sports should children practice to increase their height? (Part 1)

Besides genetics, scientific diet, the practice of sports is a secret to increase the height for children.

1. Swimming

Swimming is a sport suitable for all ages, not only helps to improve health but also helps to increase height for children. Swimming is a whole body exercise, all muscles must be exercised when swimming.

Swimming in the water increases the length of the spine, increases muscle strength, which is why swimming can increase height. Even daily swimming can not cause joint injuries like the above-ground activities. Swimming is also a very interesting activity, as no child seems to refuse playing in the water!

Therefore, parents should let their children learn to swim early to enhance health, exercise endurance and endurance. However, children should practice proper swimming, when swimming must be supervised by adults, swim in a safe, clean water to ensure that unfortunate accidents occur.

2. Jump the rope

If you want your child to grow to their maximum height, never skip rope skipping exercises. Studies have shown that jumping 80-100 beats/minute will be equivalent to running 10km or cycling 30km/h. Skipping enhances the growth of cartilage, thereby promoting height growth.

The best time to jump rope is before the 90p main meal or jump rope in the morning/evening. Parents, please practice with your child, doing exercises from gently then gradually raising the level.

When jumping, you should choose a flat place, no furniture around. Choose soft shoes to avoid hurting your feet during exercise; hard shoes can cause foot pain, blisters, and damage to joints in the feet.

3. Practicing single bars

Bars are one of the sports that help increase height effectively. This sport usually applies to boys who start entering puberty. This exercise has the effect of stretching the whole body, under the influence of external forces, the bones are pulled apart, the weight of the body on the new cartilage layer is lost, making new cartilage layers to be born so that the bone long faster.

But practicing single bars only works when practiced properly. Before training, let your child warm up first, do not rush because it can cause muscle spasms during practice.

6 sports that help increase height quickly (Part 2)


Volleyball is a sports sport very useful for those who want to have a standard height, a neat and healthy physique. When playing this sport, your whole body is moving, especially the arms and shoulders.

If you notice it, most volleyball players are usually the ideal height. Therefore, training, exercise, jumping high in volleyball are great moves for height development.


This is a simple sport and can be practiced with any object from the elderly to young children and can practice anywhere. With just 1 player, 1 racket, 1 sphere and a large field, you can easily do this sport.

Badminton is a great way to bring about unexpected benefits, which has a great effect on developing effective height. Playing badminton requires you to use your hands with your hands up and feet to run around the yard continuously.

In addition, badminton helps increase heart rate, increase body endurance; Improve eye function and increase brain reflexes. The whole family can play this game very happily, both increase health, improve the physique for everyone but the family affection is more attached.


This is the favorite game of many girls. You can “take advantage” of this love to encourage you to exercise regularly to promote height.

When skipping, your skeletal and spinal muscles are stretched, helping to develop effective height. This sport is extremely simple and easy to practice. Just a rope and a certain space, not very wide, you can comfortably practice, even at home.

In addition to playing the sports mentioned above, you should also combine with eating to get the best height. You need to include adequate nutrition before and after exercise, to avoid being tired and consuming too much energy.

It is important to note that you must eat enough protein and calcium necessary for bone growth. Foods rich in protein and calcium are lean meat, fish, eggs, milk, nuts, shrimp, crabs and snails.

Which sports to practice to have a toned body and slim waist? (Part 2)


Swimming is considered an underwater exercise that requires you to exercise your entire body from the biceps, calves to the waist to have a toned body and slim waist. The advantage of swimming is that it is less likely to suffer injuries than surface sports.

Swimming for 30-45 minutes (equivalent to 300-500m distance) with frequency 2-3 times per week will burn a significant amount of fat in the abdomen. Adjust the swimming speed just right, combined with gentle breathing, you will see surprising effects with your excess fat in just 1 month of training.


It may be hard to believe, but actually jumping rope has many unexpected benefits. This is Cardio discipline to reduce indispensable abdominal fat in normal and professional gyms with the effect of removing excess fat in the abdomen, increasing height, good for cardiovascular and brain activity.

From 40-45 minutes skipping every morning or evening before or after the main meal 90 minutes will help the body more and more supple and firm.

Remember, you need to warm up, warm up before starting and do not exercise after 9pm onwards. You should also not sit down or eat immediately after exercising to return to a stable state.

In addition, the women working in the workplace can refer to a few exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles with Pilates:

In the office

Sitting on plastic chairs, the legs are not crossed. Exhale for about four seconds and tuck in your lower abdomen. Release gently while breathing in. Repeat this pose at least ten times and do it several times a day.

At home

Lie on your stomach, lifting the entire torso up, from the ankles to the head, keeping the lower half of the leg and the upper arm close to the ground (forming a right angle with the upper arm).

Pull in your stomach, fully stretch your back and keep the seams from the top of your head flat to your knees. Tap in front of the mirror to check that posture. Initially hold the pose for 30 seconds and continue to “swallow” but not back, then gradually increase the duration. Practice at least twice a day.