For many people, being able to wake up every morning, overcome the sleepiness to put on their shoes, enter the running track is sometimes a process of ideological struggle. In the winter, the “war” getting up early is even more difficult.

Brian Dalek – Runner’s World editor, who has many years of experience in running and participating in famous marathons also has struggled to practice the habit of getting up early. Brian said he himself has experienced a lot of challenges to force himself into the frame and jog every day.

Below is Brian’s share on his journey to conquer his shoes every morning.

Normally, I could wake up early to work or clean the house even though I only slept 5 to 6 hours the night before. However, with running alone, I have never successfully built the morning running routine. I often promise to get up early, convince myself that if successful, a great day will wait ahead. But the result was always that I woke up, staggered out of bed and ran a few kilometers in a depressive, uninteresting manner.

Recently, because I signed up for a marathon, I practiced more often and ran at noon. However, the new job appeared that forced me to set a goal of practicing my morning routine within 15 days. I need to run daily before 8 am for weekdays and before 7 am with weekends. After the practice, I also learned a few lessons to build the habit.

When I first started working on the plan, I usually didn’t prepare anything the night before, resulting in waking up the next morning in a panic to look for clothes and shoes. After that, I often go through an unhappy run and worry about the situation in the next days.

So the task here is very clear. For a successful morning run, the night before, I will plan the distance, get ready clothes, prepare lunch and make coffee to use after the run. This way I don’t need to make any decisions while I’m still sleepy.

Also more important is how to wake up when the alarm clock goes off. My secret is to keep the phone within reach when I wake up. When the alarm went off, I immediately opened some apps like email and calendar on my phone, so the blue light from the screen gradually made me overcome my sleepiness and stretched my legs out of bed.

How to overcome laziness to get up early to jog every day (Part 1)
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