The thumb and second finger will push the body forward so the runner often occurs the phenomenon of muscle tension, skin callus, heel pain, lower leg bone pain, deformation of the big toe. If your foot is misaligned, you need to wear motion control shoes to prevent excessive foot flip.

The phenomenon of external deviation is the foot after landing, instead of flipping in, it overturns out, body weight is put up on the little finger and the edge of the foot, the shock is severe.

Thrust from the little toe, fourth finger and outer edge of the foot creates high arch, very concave feet. If the foot is out of shape, a lot of cushioning shoes should be selected to support the foot to flip inwards.

Note the parts of the shoe

When choosing shoes, you need to pay attention to the parts of the shoes: uppers, sole soles, soles, back heels, soles, foot height and toe tips (heel-to-toe).

Accordingly, each component will be designed by the manufacturer with different materials to suit each type of foot or each type of terrain. For example, most shoe soles are made of carbon rubber with a rough surface.

Rubber has a better smoothness often used in the area of ​​the foot of the foot. Trailers or hills often choose shoes with a carbon rubber outsole to avoid scratches, while runners often choose rubber rubber shoe outs that help to reduce weight.

For most people, jogging is seen as an aerobic exercise that uses oxygen, which burns sugars, fats into energy. Running promotes mental health, reduces stress, improves learning and work, and improves sleep. When you run, the footsteps combine smoothly with breathing, thereby helping the lungs breathe better.

For middle-aged or older people, running helps keep healthy legs flexible. Being physically active, the blood vessels are elastic and help increase elasticity, stabilize blood pressure, and reduce the risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease. People who are at an early stage of diabetes and osteoporosis are encouraged to run regularly by doctors.

For obese people, jogging is an effective way to lose weight. On average, every hour running at a high speed, you burn hundreds of calories. Not only weight control, this discipline also strengthens the joints, ligaments, better bearing, increasing the body’s ability to balance.

How to choose a suitable running shoes? (Part 2)
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