Drink plenty of water every day

Supermodel Shanina admits, drinking a lot of water is the most important thing of the day for her. If she didn’t drink enough water, Shanina would become dehydrated and that would make her become the illest. Drinking plenty of water will help maintain your glossy skin and energetic body. In addition to the filtered water, the beautiful “hybrid rose” also drinks more juice from fruits and vegetables to add extra vitamins and minerals to the body every day.

Do exercises 4-5 times per week to maintain slim waist, sexy curvy buttocks

Shanina often trains with coach Justin Gelband – her trainer 4-5 times a week. She is often instructed to blend Pilates’ moves with intense cardio like jumping rope or riding a bike.

Every day, Shanina had to do gym once, even if she did a gym two times. This is extremely necessary for her to maintain her body, flawless, spotless in tight-fitting underwear.

Practice Pilates to maintain a strong, healthy body

Victoria’s Secret said that she really loved any Pilates exercise. Using the extra weight at practicing Pilates helps Shanina train harder with more intensity. She often challenged herself and tried to make 100 folds in Pilates without stopping at any time during the exercise. The secret that Shanina wants to share the best in Pilates is that “You always have to make sure you don’t use your neck and allow the rest of your body to work best to help your abdomen, fastest effect.”

Having passion for yoga

Yoga gives Shanina peace and relaxation from within. In work and stressful life and too busy making her mind wobble, she went to yoga to be more calm, calm, settle things easier. At the same time, this is also the subject to help maintain the shape, so it is considered by the sisters.

The diet always has lots of green vegetables and fruits

Shanina said her diet always contains lots of kale, spinach, avocado, grapefruit, almond butter, vanilla almond milk and chocolate protein powder from the Liquiteria. Using protein bars helps her to have abundant energy throughout the day. She usually starts the day with an omelette, only eats white and some fruit. Lunch she usually ate chicken or fish and salad with lots of green vegetables and small dinners with protein bars and fresh green vegetables as you like.

How do supermodels of Victoria’s Secret keep fit? (Part 2)
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