The sharing of exercise and diet methods helps supermodel Shanina Shaik get hot body, tight waist line.

As one of the most famous color models in the world, Shanina Shaik carries many of Lithuanian, Australian, Pakistani, and Arab blood. This is the reason why she was named beauty from East to West. With beautiful caramel skin and perfect body ever, Shanina is one of Victoria’s Secret’s world-famous face-to-face lingerie companies from 2011 until now. This is something that not all super models can maintain. Here are some sharing secrets about keeping this angel’s physique.

Healthy living is at the top

Shanina Shaik said she always thought that eating or practicing well was the best way to take care of herself. That makes her feel happy, from the food she eats every day to skincare and exercise. These three things are important to Shanina, the key to helping her stay healthy and happy every day.

Eating and exercise habits change over time

Shanina admits she is a non-stereotypical person, conserving a given regime from the beginning. She accumulated a lot, understood herself a lot more through her daily work – especially when traveling. She learned that she had to take vitamins when she went to work anywhere and always remember to drink plenty of water to maintain her posture and beautify her skin most effectively.

Regarding training, each person has a different way of training. “Hybrid roses” is the same with Shanina. She always explores and learns the practices of everyone who thinks it will work for her. After trying many training methods of many people, she will accumulate the best practice for herself. Especially, at each age, the beauties are skillful, careful to change the diet as well as the exercise to ensure the best for the job, while helping the body always ensure healthy criteria.

How do super models of Victoria’s Secret keep fit? (Part 1)
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