Yoga is one of the most popular workout in the busy life. If you can’t arrange time to go the yoga club, you can do it by yourself at home. Only spending 15 minutes daily for yoga exercise, it can bring great benefits for health, mental as well spirit.

In this article, we continue to discuss top health benefits of yoga with only 15 minutes daily. Following it if you want to have a better life.

5/ Reduce stress

Someone is surprising why doing yoga within 15 minutes daily can reduce stress. The fact that, some oversea company encourage their staff to play some poses in yoga before having lunch. They consider that doing some exercise can improve mood better.

You should follow enough 3 parts of an exercise in yoga, including pose, breathing and meditation. When complying enough steps, you are able to have a regular heart rate. Then it leads to think slowly and reduce stress naturally. You consider some troubles simply.

6/ Breathe better

Breathing deeply is a necessary part of yoga which requires techniques to reach maximum benefits. Players should try to breathe slowly and fully from the stomach to lungs.

When you breath slowly, you feel relaxing and balancing then you have good emotion to face the day.

7/ Be happier

As a good consequence, when you are balanced everything, even some terrible stories around your life, you fell happier naturally. A study shows that practicing yoga daily, happier hormone (called as serotonin can be improved better. In addition, yoga player in a long term can have larger areas for contentment in the brain.

Conclusion: it’s great to spend 15 minute for yoga a day, then you can enjoy your brain and mood comfortably. Only waking up your mind, then your life can be better.

Health benefits of yoga within 15 minutes daily
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