In this article, we continue to show basic poses in yoga for beginner. It’s necessary to follow instructions detail, even learn by heart. As long as you practice correct poses, you can get benefits from this sport.

Therefore, doing basic poses correctly plays an important role for the first step in yoga practice.

3, Warrior I

In the theory of yoga, this pose is also called as Virabhadrasana I.

In this pose, always remember to adjust your hips forward. It should be parallel in the front of mat. This pose is correct.

Please note that beginner is easy to do wrong position at Warrior I. You should see instruction from guider or online video carefully then imitate it.

When doing this pose, someone feel painful in hips. So, it requires you to maintain a wider stance. Once you do it usually, you feel comfortable and durable at joints and bones around hips.

4, Warrior II

Another pose relates to hips, however it is unlike Warrior I.

In this pose, your hip will face side of mat. You need to adjust hip and shoulder to open widely. Then you rotate your foot back so that the toes can open 45 degrees. Don’t forget to maintain the front knee is over ankle. It means your toes are facing forward. It’s a correct pose.

When practicing this pose, your bone around hips will be improved dramatically and well.

5, Extended Side Angle

This pose is suitable for someone feeling bored with side angle pose.

Instead of placing hand on the mat, you will pick your forearm to thigh lightly. It’s better not to use a lot of weight for this pose. You also keep your shoulder open.

Your muscle will be practiced well and overall though it. It is also easy to imitate from others.

Basic poses in yoga (Part 2)
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