In the modern life, yoga becomes popular and favorite by many ages, including male and female. This sport is convenient to practice at home in free time then it still brings a lot of advantages and benefits.

It looks a useful workout for everyone.

However, to reach maximum effectives, you should follow instructions correctly. Some wrong poses can lead to unexpected results. It doesn’t mean that you have to go to one yoga class before starting it at home. You also can follow videos or article to remember poses correctly. It’s better to take video to watch back your exercise, you can find out some mistakes in process.

In this article, we show basic poses in yoga for beginner. Following it detail to start this sport effectively.

1, Downward Facing Dog Pose

This pose is hard to practice correctly for beginner. Someone is confused with plank pose. But, the fact it’s different.

Firstly, you always keep your weight in leg while heels will stretch to the floor. No need for heels to touch the floor. Then you bend two knees to make comfortable for movement.

Let it be convenient at all parts. Don’t forget to maintain your feet parallel.

In general, this pose is useful to make durability for leg, shoulder and head. So, you need to combine heels, knees and legs easily and supportively.

2, Mountain Pose

It’s a standing type. This pose is important to practice your body in alignment.

From your head to heels, including shoulders and pelvis, all body parts need to be arranged in a straight.

This pose helps your bones and muscles improved well. It’s useful when you are older.

To do it correctly, you should focus on sliding with your feed and putting spine in a line. You should care about pose of shoulder as well maintain your weight at heels longer.

Basic poses in yoga (Part 1)
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