Here we continue to share basic poses in yoga. This following instructionplays an important role to build up correct steps for practicing yoga, then you can gain benefits of yoga.

6, Triangle Pose

The triangle pose needs to combine otherbody partsbut it also brings a lot of benefits for strength in legs, flexibility in hamstrings and hips and opening for chest as well shoulder. In general, when you are older, you usually get not balanced these parts. So, this pose is extremely useful.

Firstly, you open your legs, bend both knees and put hands in the floor. You also put your hand in the leg or your shin and your thigh but you shouldn’t put it on the knees.

You practice this pose 4 times, per sides at least 2 times to feel balance of the body.

7, Cat-Cow Stretch

Cat-Cow stretch is also called as backbend. This pose is essential in all poses, especially for beginners because it’s easy to follow but still brings high effect. Furthermore, someone has problem in back pain, this pose is perfect to improve health better.

In this pose, you only practice two steps: spinal extension and spinal flexion. You will move back and forth slowly while you are inhaling and exhaling by turn.

In general, this pose is simple. You should do it fluently when you feel tired or sit a long time. Then the back issue can be changed better.

8, Staff Pose

This pose looks life mountain pose. You will sit up straight in a flat on the floor. Then closing your eyes, life the chest and relax your shoulders comfortably.

To increase difficult level, you can bend the knees slowly. It makes ease for shoulder.

Staff pose is helpful to practice the leg muscles as well flex the feet. So, you should practice it comfortably.

Basic poses in yoga (Final part)
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