Scientists have shown that height is most influenced by nutrition factors with 30%, genetic genes affect only 23% while physical activity decides up to 20%.

Therefore, those of you who are modest in height can still improve the situation by working hard, exercising and exercising. Here are some sports to help you increase your height.


Swimming is a popular sport. This sport not only helps you have a good physique, a well-proportioned body but also helps you to increase your height effectively. Swimming helps develop height especially effective if you started swimming as a teenager or puberty.

However, for those who have gone through puberty, when you do regular swimming sports can still increase significantly height. When you swim, your body is moving all kinds of muscles, especially muscles in the legs, arms and chest.

Moreover, the movements and struggles in the water require the performers to stretch and train the flexibility and endurance of the muscles, strengthen bones and increase the length of the spine, expand the shoulders and chest, Improve height significantly.


Basketball is one of the sports that helps you increase the most effective height. When playing basketball you will have to perform the jump and rise up frequently with the throwing motion. This will help your joints be stretched to the maximum, growth hormones will be born more. That helps basketball players increase height faster.

And if you play outside, it also helps you to absorb sunlight during the day to synthesize vitamin D which is very helpful for your bone development.

Pull-up exercises

This is a simple sport that has a positive effect on the height of the body. Just a single bar, hanging in an appropriate position, you can practice every day. In addition, this exercise does not take too much time and effort.

Therefore, every day you should practice a single bar about 10-15 minutes, you will have a slim body and improved height effectively.

6 sports that help increase height quickly (Part 1)
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