Here are 4 great reasons to understand that you really need to work out.

1. Exercise helps you increase your physical and mental strength

When you achieve feats of strength that you think are out of your reach like performing your first body exercises like Chin-ups or deadlifting more than your body weight, you will feel more confident. . You start exercising your own way and the things that you have been prejudiced about for bodybuilding will now not be a problem for you. As a result, many women step away from their original thoughts. Try new things and take more risks in and out of the gym.

This is why bodybuilding is so great. Pulling or pushing against the weight of an iron bar not only increases our physical strength, but also increases our mental strength and that is good. It allows women to break through self-imposed limits and explore new possibilities.

And let’s be honest: Perform a perfect set of push-ups or deadlifting 1.5 times your body weight for the first time and you will feel great.

2. To be stronger, increase your long-term training motivation

Bodybuilding is not a quick fix to building a better body for a single swimsuit season. It must be an activity that you need to maintain for the rest of your life. And in my experience, just focusing on getting stronger and improving performance has proven that long-term training is an extraordinary way to increase motivation. Here is the reason:

First, the goal of getting stronger and stronger is being motivated. As your workout revolves around adding more weight to your fitness machines, and bodybuilding equipment, you always have a specific goal for the day. The specific goal is to make a lot of conjecture and make the fitness program and other exercises more convenient.

Too many people go to the gym and work out without any defined goals, most of them mostly worry about burning as many calories as possible and reaching a certain level. high of fatigue. But that is wrong! Achieving fatigue is not a valuable goal.

But when you know that you have to do a little better than what you did last week, you will have another interesting thing ahead, tangible task is one of the things you can really measure and keep track in your workout diary.

4 reasons why you need to work out (Part 1)
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