Which sport has the most weight loss effect? (Part 1)


If you want to lose weight and burn excess calories, jogging is the most widely used way to date. Simply because, you can practice this subject at any time with no restraint, giving you comfort and can run more or less depending on each person’s condition.

Jogging helps to increase metabolism and heart rate faster. This requires more circulatory systems to ensure sufficient blood supply to the heart. When muscles move too much, your body temperature increases and sweats. This is a process of regulation and elimination when the energy source is used. At that time, calories were burned and helped to lose weight most effectively.

Spend 30 minutes a day – 1 hour for walking or jogging and with a regular fast frequency if you want to quickly own a slim, fat-free body.


Cycling is a weight-loss method suitable for all ages, all different subjects. Riding a bicycle will help you maintain your toughness, help your leg and abdominal muscles become firmer. Normally, with the average speed of cycling, we will spend about 75-670 calories every 1 hour. The loss of energy also means excess fat is no longer available and helps to lose weight more quickly.

Therefore, if you have a bike, try to spend less time on the day of the ride. It will definitely show you the best performance.


This is probably the subject only for those who are near the sea. The subject of surfing requires you to have balanced techniques, it needs the coordination of your legs, arms, and back. 250 calories is the number lost when you surf for about 1 hour.

Calculated, although not popular everywhere, this is the subject that Westerners prefer and apply the most. Because it can both satisfy passion, and support safe slimming. Although this is not a popular subject in Vietnam, it has many health benefits and helps to lose weight quickly.

Which sport has the most weight loss effect? (Part 1)

Which subjects can be gently exercised but have good results? Let’s see, compare and choose a suitable sport for you!

Below is a list of the 10 most effective sports for training to maintain a slender physique for women.

1. Swimming

Burns 800 calories/h

Swimming is considered the most effective sport for weight loss. When you swim, all your muscles are active.

2. Step-Aerobics

Burns 800 calories/h

Step-Aerobic is an Aerobic sport combined with a dance platform. Step-aerobic will help you burn more calories than traditional aerobic exercises up to 30% – 50%, depending on the rhythm of the dance, the height of the podium and the time of an exercise.

The majority of Step-Aerobic exercises focus on areas such as hips, abdomen, and buttocks and therefore, in addition to health benefits, Step-Aereobic also helps you to have a slim body, eliminating the excess fat and significant weight loss effect. Step-Aerobic exercises are often very diverse and rich. Coaches can combine dance steps to create a new exercise. The cheerful, vibrant rhythm of Step-Aerobic exercises will also help you relieve stress and give you a better cardiovascular system.

This sport still maintains the general principles of a pure aerobic exercise but the body releases a greater amount of energy under the effect of stepping up and down on the platform. The height of the podium is also an important factor determining the content and expected results of the exercise.

3. Dance

Burns 600- 800 calories/h

This sport is very interesting and has an impact on your whole body. In addition to the weight loss effect, we certainly feel excited about this sport. If you’re home alone, turn on the music and can dance. Not only does this help you burn energy, but it is also a great stress reliever. however, you should conduct it at least 1 hour each time to achieve the desired effect. The most effective dances are Zumba, hip-hop, belly dance, samba, salsa, etc.

The benefits of Yoga according to its stages

Yoga is now becoming a favorite sport of many people. Science has proven that Yoga works to strengthen the overall body, reduce stress, increase libido, reduce blood pressure, treat chronic back pain, etc. You already know the benefits of Yoga with health.

At an early stage

In the early stages of Yoga practice, your body will gradually improve brain function, reduce stress, change gene expression and increase flexibility and flexibility.

Yoga works to soothe the mind, bringing harmony and calmness to the mind, enhancing concentration, memory in work and study. Moreover, practicing yoga will also practice perseverance, patience, spiritual training; Helping you stay calm and face difficulties in your daily life. Yoga also helps the practitioner to have a deeper and better sleep so the spirit is more exciting and refreshing.

Especially, Yoga exercises are also effective medicine for stress, anxiety. Yoga works to help you get rid of worries and worries in life; Reduce anxiety, stress, mental fatigue.

After training for a few months

After a few months of practice, Yoga will help you reduce blood pressure, enhance lung function, improve sexual ability, relieve chronic neck pain, reduce anxiety, treat chronic back pain, help urinary patients. Sugar lowers blood sugar and improves mood and emotional balance.

Yoga balances emotions

Some Yoga programs have the effect of reducing anxiety and strengthening the active ingredients in the brain, helping to fight depression and related anxiety disorders. Some Yoga schools have shown remarkable effectiveness in pain relief and mood improvement compared to medical treatment in people with chronic back pain.

Yoga exercises help improve the functions of all parts of the body, increase flexibility for the muscles, especially the hips, pelvis, and groin, thereby improving sexual ability. In particular, for women, when practicing Mula Bandha exercises, muscle muscles in the muscle will run from the pubic bone to the coccyx bone, increasing desire and orgasm. For men, this exercise has the effect of extending the time to the top, making the pillow more comfortable.

After practicing Yoga for many years

Practicing yoga for many years will help strengthen your bones, control weight and reduce your risk of heart disease.

A 2009 study found that Yoga exercise may increase bone density in older people. Thus, the benefits of Yoga with health will vary according to the time of exercise. So you should exercise regularly to maintain the benefits that it brings to the body.

Four great benefits of workout

People need to work to have a healthy development both physically and mentally. It is also the easiest way to get happiness. Here are four great benefits of regular exercise.

Improving mood

Happiness is almost a goal in life that anyone wants to aim for. And practice is one of the easiest and simplest ways to get happiness, but people often overlook it.

Science has proven that exercises do not only help you keep fit but also make you feel more satisfied and happy than those who do not practice.

The sports world even has the concept of “runner’s high”, to compare the status of those who practice sports with criticism of drug users. Because when exercising, the body releases endorphins, giving a feeling of pleasure and happiness, similar to the time when drugs are approved.

Establishing discipline

Go to a goal and strive to achieve that goal is the most basic principle of success. Maintaining your routine of exercise is the first step to building your own discipline.

Improving vitality

When you feel tired, perhaps the last thing you think about is rushing into the gym. However, according to experts, that’s exactly what you should do. Low intensity exercises when the body is sluggish has the effect of dispelling fatigue, improving 20% ​​of vitality. In addition, regular exercise helps you repel heart disease naturally, sleep better, strengthen your muscles and toughness, improve memory, life expectancy, etc.

Losing weight

Also, exercising is a fast and effective weight-loss method. Besides ensuring health, exercise also helps you lose weight and reduce your risk of disease more effectively. Experts recommend at least 30 minutes of exercise a day with moderate intensity, such as brisk walking, etc.

At the same time, exercising also helps you burn excess fat in your body quickly and safely. Regular exercise also reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes, improves blood pressure and cholesterol levels, promotes better sleep, and builds muscles, bones, and joints.

The Japanese secrets to keep fit and maintain slim shape (part 2)

In the meals of the Japanese, there are always sea fish, green vegetables, etc., which help them stay healthy and keep slim shape.

Minimize the amount of energy in the meals

For Japanese people, there are fewer calores in foods, fat, and starch in daily meals. If family members show signs of being overweight, they will cut energy, especially fat on the menu. This method of weight loss is applied long-term because it does not cut all energy-rich foods, strict diets, but only reduces and scientifically replaces food.

In addition, Japanese people lose weight by limiting fast food, sweets, high sugar drinks or reducing the amount of salt in food.

Divide food into small groups

This way of easily controlling the number of calories put into the body during daily meals is also a scientific way used by many countries.

Group of high-calorie foods including tarch (rice, bread, vermicelli); protein (meat, fish, milk); fat (animal fat and vegetable fat).

Eating group of low-calorie food

The body’s weight gain or weight loss depends heavily on the number of calories put into the body every day. Replace rice, seafood, meat, etc. with white porridge, fruit or vegetable juices twice a week. In particular, Japanese people also drink plenty of water before each meal to lose weight.

Diet depends on age and gender

For Japanese people, age affects diet so there is also an appropriate adjustment. At each age, the body’s metabolic capacity also changes, excess fat accumulated in the body is prone to diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, fatty blood, etc. So, people in this country very care about balancing nutrition by age for best health.

Nutrition awareness is formed in schools

The meal at the Japanese school is called “shokuiku“, meaning “food and nutrition education”. The children in the class serve each other to develop a self-sufficient culture and identify food. Children are aware of what food is needed for their bodies, avoiding the risk of obesity from an early age.

The Japanese secrets to keep fit and maintain slim shape (part 1)

Japanese people conceive that obesity not only affects aesthetics but also manifests bad health.

The slender physique is always a wish of many people, it not only helps you be more confident in yourself but also is a manifestation of your health. Therefore, almost all women’s bodybuilding methods in this sunrise country are mostly associated with health protection. This not only helps them to have a slim body but stay healthy, without needing to weigh or exercise excessively. So what secrets help them do that?

Eat less and simply at home, respect the original flavor of the food

Eating less is choosing small portions, limiting wastefulness. In addition, they will help you become full and not overweight.

Keeping fit

Japanese people often prefer to cook meals at home and especially say “no” to fast foods as well as ready-made canned foods. They like to eat vegetables, prefer steaming rather than stir-fry, respect the original flavor of food ingredients. These fresh ingredients, which provide sufficient nutrients, limit obesity due to chemical substances, preservation, etc. in canned foods. Fried food with high temperature will lose the original nutritional content, even increase the risk of cancer.

Their meals are also reasonably structured with a low-starch diet, lots of fish and green vegetables. The amount of green vegetables in their meals is usually 5 times higher than Westerners.

Splitting rations, less starch, regularly eating fish and green vegetables is a secret to help Japanese maintain their slim shape. Therefore, if you want your body to be healthy, limit your illness and keep your body as slender as you are, simply eat your food with fresh, clean and simple foods like steaming, boiling and not. forget fish as well as daily vegetables.

Maintain the ideal waist index

Waist index is an issue for each individual, but in Japan, there are laws that require companies to check the waist index for employees between the ages of 40-75 years. People with excess waist circumference will need to have their blood pressure checked, blood sugar, blood fat, if not up to standard, will be included in the group of people at risk of metabolic syndrome. Keeping the ideal waist index under this rule is also a way to preserve their effective shape.

Diets for people who exercise daily

The US National Institutes of Health recommends that people who exercise should supplement 45-65% of their daily calories from carbohydrates, 10-35% from protein, and 25-35% from fat.

Increasing protein intake

Unlike starch, which is the fuel of exercise, protein is the ingredient you can use to restore muscles. Choose protein sources about 20-30g such as yogurt, beans, lean meat, brown rice, and broccoli. Along with lean protein, fats also contribute to your body’s recovery after exercise.

Eating more fruit

For those who practice sports, eat lots of fruits, especially bananas, which are a good source of energy for the body and contain fiber. You can eat bananas 2 hours before your workout and after exercising. A small number of berries, oranges, and grapes are also good enough for digestive health.

Additional carbohydrates

Carbohydrates burn faster than proteins and they give your body the energy needed during exercise. They are necessary to fill the sources of glycogen in muscles, so take 50g of carbohydrates before exercising.

Drinking almond milk or oat milk

If you have difficulty digesting lactose, avoid cow’s milk. Instead, try drinking almond milk or rice milk or oat milk that will help your body increase nutrients.

Eating lots of vegetables

Eating fruits and vegetables is best after exercise. Choosing different color vegetables will provide the body with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants like beets, carrots, purple cabbage, broccoli, mushrooms, cauliflower, etc.

Eating dried fruits

Experts recommend that people who regularly play sports should eat a lot of dried fruits. These are energy-rich snacks. This fruit contains an assimilated amount of natural sugar for the body. Moreover, it is very rich in minerals (especially potassium and magnesium). In addition, dried fruits are very good for people who do not play sports regularly.

Adding magnesium

Magnesium helps facilitate more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body, as well as help transport calcium and potassium. The minerals will also help you exercise longer without cramps. Also, be aware of the full water intake by the water needed for all bodily functions, especially toned muscles.

Top 3 sports that effectively help you lose weight

For a person who is overweight or even at risk of obesity, a good diet and effective exercises are very important to improve weight problems. To ensure the most effective weight loss process, besides reasonable eating, playing sports is also a great way to support this process.

Understanding this, we will show you the top 3 sports that effectively help you lose weight and keep fit. Let’s check out!

1. Jogging

Jogging is the most widely used way to lose weight and burn excess calories. 

Since jogging requires more circulatory systems to ensure sufficient blood supply to the heart, it significantly helps improve metabolism and heart rate.

When the muscles move too much, your body temperature increases and sweats. It is a process of regulation and elimination when the energy source is used. During that time, calories were significantly burned, which helps you effectively lose weight.

Regularly spend 30 minutes to an hour per day for jogging if you want to quickly lose weight!

2. Swimming

Swimming is a great physical training form to improve your muscles, lose weight and keep fit.

When swimming, one will use all the muscles in the body to assist himself to move in the water. Thanks to the pressure of the water, the muscles will have a chance to move steadily and gradually grow.

According to a study, with a time of 90 minutes of swimming per day, you will be able to burn up to 550 calories. Therefore, to accelerate your weight loss process, spend about 30 minutes per day on this relaxing sport!

3. Cycling

Cycling is a weight loss method that is suitable for all ages. Riding a bicycle not only helps you maintain your toughness but also help your abdominal muscles become firmer. 

Normally, with the average speed of cycling, the body will burn about 75-670 calories every hour. The loss of energy also means you are your body is getting rid of excess fat, which helps you to lose weight more quickly.

As can be seen, combined with a reasonable diet, daily sports training is the most effective way to support weight loss. What are you waiting for? Take up the sports above and regularly practice it to quickly own a slim, fat-free body!