How to keep fit well (Part 1)

In the modern life, people care more about fitness. Because it affects to health as well confidence before others. However, someone is easy to be interested in food and no activities. These are the major reasons to lead to lose weight.

So, how to keep fit well? This is wondering of all people. This task helps you to be happy and successful than normally.

In this article, we share useful tips to get in good shape. If you expect a perfect body, you should follow our analysis.

1, Doing exercise daily

When doing exercise daily, you can receive some benefits. You can do exercise by running, jogging or swimming, yoga which are simple skills you can enjoy.

They are moderate physical activities which you should work hard everyday to maintain fitness well. Depending on workout level, you can burn a lot of calories properly.

So, if you want to lose more weight, you should apply a higher-level intensity. 

Someone feels lazy with doing exercise, however this action is useful to help you to own thinner muscles without fat. Day by day, your body will become more fitness and maintain health.

2, Eating the right foods and using proper portion in meal

Eating plays an important role in losing weight process.

Whether you do exercise hard but you still use up so much food, especially fast food, then your body can’t receive any good feedbacks.

Firstly, you should use right foods. Completely avoiding some sweet candies, cakes or fatty foods like fried chicken, hamburger, hotdog so on…these are harmful to increase your fat inside.

It’s better to use green vegetable and fresh fruit. These materials in meal are helpful to have stronger body.

Besides it, you should arrange proper portion for each meal. You can’t do exercise terribly without eating or drinking anything to recover energy. You should eat enough proper about protein, vitamin, energy so on… 

Basic poses in yoga (Final part)

Here we continue to share basic poses in yoga. This following instructionplays an important role to build up correct steps for practicing yoga, then you can gain benefits of yoga.

6, Triangle Pose

The triangle pose needs to combine otherbody partsbut it also brings a lot of benefits for strength in legs, flexibility in hamstrings and hips and opening for chest as well shoulder. In general, when you are older, you usually get not balanced these parts. So, this pose is extremely useful.

Firstly, you open your legs, bend both knees and put hands in the floor. You also put your hand in the leg or your shin and your thigh but you shouldn’t put it on the knees.

You practice this pose 4 times, per sides at least 2 times to feel balance of the body.

7, Cat-Cow Stretch

Cat-Cow stretch is also called as backbend. This pose is essential in all poses, especially for beginners because it’s easy to follow but still brings high effect. Furthermore, someone has problem in back pain, this pose is perfect to improve health better.

In this pose, you only practice two steps: spinal extension and spinal flexion. You will move back and forth slowly while you are inhaling and exhaling by turn.

In general, this pose is simple. You should do it fluently when you feel tired or sit a long time. Then the back issue can be changed better.

8, Staff Pose

This pose looks life mountain pose. You will sit up straight in a flat on the floor. Then closing your eyes, life the chest and relax your shoulders comfortably.

To increase difficult level, you can bend the knees slowly. It makes ease for shoulder.

Staff pose is helpful to practice the leg muscles as well flex the feet. So, you should practice it comfortably.

Basic poses in yoga (Part 2)

In this article, we continue to show basic poses in yoga for beginner. It’s necessary to follow instructions detail, even learn by heart. As long as you practice correct poses, you can get benefits from this sport.

Therefore, doing basic poses correctly plays an important role for the first step in yoga practice.

3, Warrior I

In the theory of yoga, this pose is also called as Virabhadrasana I.

In this pose, always remember to adjust your hips forward. It should be parallel in the front of mat. This pose is correct.

Please note that beginner is easy to do wrong position at Warrior I. You should see instruction from guider or online video carefully then imitate it.

When doing this pose, someone feel painful in hips. So, it requires you to maintain a wider stance. Once you do it usually, you feel comfortable and durable at joints and bones around hips.

4, Warrior II

Another pose relates to hips, however it is unlike Warrior I.

In this pose, your hip will face side of mat. You need to adjust hip and shoulder to open widely. Then you rotate your foot back so that the toes can open 45 degrees. Don’t forget to maintain the front knee is over ankle. It means your toes are facing forward. It’s a correct pose.

When practicing this pose, your bone around hips will be improved dramatically and well.

5, Extended Side Angle

This pose is suitable for someone feeling bored with side angle pose.

Instead of placing hand on the mat, you will pick your forearm to thigh lightly. It’s better not to use a lot of weight for this pose. You also keep your shoulder open.

Your muscle will be practiced well and overall though it. It is also easy to imitate from others.

Basic poses in yoga (Part 1)

In the modern life, yoga becomes popular and favorite by many ages, including male and female. This sport is convenient to practice at home in free time then it still brings a lot of advantages and benefits.

It looks a useful workout for everyone.

However, to reach maximum effectives, you should follow instructions correctly. Some wrong poses can lead to unexpected results. It doesn’t mean that you have to go to one yoga class before starting it at home. You also can follow videos or article to remember poses correctly. It’s better to take video to watch back your exercise, you can find out some mistakes in process.

In this article, we show basic poses in yoga for beginner. Following it detail to start this sport effectively.

1, Downward Facing Dog Pose

This pose is hard to practice correctly for beginner. Someone is confused with plank pose. But, the fact it’s different.

Firstly, you always keep your weight in leg while heels will stretch to the floor. No need for heels to touch the floor. Then you bend two knees to make comfortable for movement.

Let it be convenient at all parts. Don’t forget to maintain your feet parallel.

In general, this pose is useful to make durability for leg, shoulder and head. So, you need to combine heels, knees and legs easily and supportively.

2, Mountain Pose

It’s a standing type. This pose is important to practice your body in alignment.

From your head to heels, including shoulders and pelvis, all body parts need to be arranged in a straight.

This pose helps your bones and muscles improved well. It’s useful when you are older.

To do it correctly, you should focus on sliding with your feed and putting spine in a line. You should care about pose of shoulder as well maintain your weight at heels longer.

Top sports for loss weight purpose

In this article, we continue to share top sports to lose weight effectively. In general, playing sport brings a lot of benefits for health as well keeps fitness. However, some sports have fast result whereas some sports only support your bone and muscle stronger and more durable without affecting your weight. Besides it, there are some sports to lose weight so well. 

To maximum your target when playing sports, you should make reference whether which sports are good for losing weight.

7/ Cycling

Estimated one hour of cycling can burn up to 500+ Calories. In case you prefer to consume more energy, you can choose difficult edges like hill, slope or the mountain road. Once cycling in these lands, you have to use up more calories so that you can overcome objectives or challenge.

According to style, cycling helps players to enjoy a deeply sleep, look fresh and happy as well increase memory of your brain. Further, you will collect series of benefits of cycling.

8/ Tennis

On average, one hour of exercise will consume 400+ calories. The fact, this sport is one of the most favorite sports for all ages. It can be played with friends or family by individual or couple. You also choose partner with a men or women. 

In general, this sport is simple and easy to start.

Tennis is useful to keep your health and fitness. 

9/ Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a national Korean sport. However, it is being spread in the worldwide fast. This game is especially popular with women or girl. 

In this game, players will punch, kick or jump usually so that your muscle and appearance become stronger and durable. It also helps to increase overall flexibility through fast and positive movements.

If you practice taekwondo hard-working during one hour, you can burn 900+ calories

Top sports for loss weight purpose

Doing exercise or playing sports are useful workout to keep fit. Furthermore, sports bring a lot of benefits for health and mental. If you are confusing which sport is good for your body to lose weight, you can follow our ranking. We share top the best sport to help you to burn the most calories as you are possible without stress or pressure.

3/ Kickboxing

Kickboxing is an interesting game to take entire body which is good to burn up to 770 calories.

When practicing kickboxing, you can combine core, arms, shoulders, legs and glutes. It’s good to improve your cardiovascular health and great cardio.

However, this sport is easy to make injuries in practicing process. You should mind your body carefully as well comply safe cautions of kickboxing.

4/ Basketball

If you are finding a team sports losing weight, basketball is a good recommendation. This sport requires combination of teammates. Furthermore, you can burn up to 700 calories in one of exercise. By running continuously and connecting between leg and arm, you can strengthen up your cardiovascular health well.

Some experts also advise basketball is a good sport to improve muscles and bones strongly.

5/ Ice skating

Don’t think that you can’t do exercise to lose weight in the winter. Ice skating can help your body to burn some 650 calories in one exercise hour.

In ice skating, you will use leg continuously to move and dance smoothly. When you focus on slow movements like this, your leg muscles will be practices efficiently. Then as a good result, your bone build stronger and durable which is good for health.

6/ Volleyball

The next game should try as volleyball, especially the beach volleyball. This sport is useful to burn 350 calories in one hour of exercise.

The physical activities in volleyball will build up your body, arms, shoulders as well the muscles of legs fluently.

Top sports for loss weight purpose

In the modern life, people more and more care about fitness and health which makes us to become more confident and healthier. Especially some people work in office, they have in problem with fat because they have to sit and work from morning to late noon. Therefore, they have to find solution from sports to lose weight.

However, each kind of sport will bring another result about burning calories. Further, they have other requirements about skills and power. So, you should check sport you want to play carefully before you start it. It can help you to waste time and consequence.

In this article, we share top sports for loss weight. Following it to find which sport is proper to your demand and favorite.

1/ Swimming

Estimated that swimming can help to burn 500 to 800 calories in per hour. The rate can be changed depending on your ability to join this sport.

The truth that swimming is a good idea to practice joints, bones and muscle well. Through other exercises in swimming, all parts on your body from head, shoulder, arms to legs will be practiced and active continuously. So, it’s good to burn energy.

To start this game, you should join some swimming courses so that you are safe in swimming process.

This sport is good to enjoy in the hot summer.

2/ Jogging

On average in per jogging hour, you can burn from 550 to 900 calories. This sport is good for someone to lose weight strongly.

Actually, jobbing is popular for everyone because it doesn’t require some complicated skills such as swimming, scuba diving. You only find a good place and start to join this game. Places can be a side of park, river or around entertainment center near your home. Jogging is also a pro sport to compete in international competitions

Health benefits of yoga within 15 minutes daily

Nowadays many people choose yoga as daily exercise after working or doing housework. It’s a good way to keep fit as well relax mind after pressure of the lives.

If you hesitate to choosing yoga for practice, please following our article. We will collect some major benefits of yoga for health. Then, you feel you need to take action immediately to wake up your body by yoga practice.

8/ You should be more mindful

When you join yoga, you tend to think slowly and gradually. In addition, your awareness and action will be controlled carefully. Because you can control your feeling and sensations to keep calm and solve problem well.

As a good result, you can stay happy and more focused. Then you also feel self-confidence and acceptance. In general, yoga practice is good for physical and psychological benefits.

9/ You can concentrate and think clearer

Almost yoga poses require you to focus on your breathing and gesture. It’s not simple to follow correctly one correct pose, but when you become familiar with it, you feel comfortable and relaxing.

You know, process of maintaining yoga pose makes your mind calmer ad mentally. It also helps to make a habit to brain. As a consequence, you will concentrate and think one issue clearly and carefully before decision.

10/ You can live longer

Once your mind and brain refresh and rest carefully, all diseases can be reduced dramatically.

 For example, your heart rate will be stable when you don’t feel stressful. It also contributes to make a happy person.

Or several studies point our that practice yoga can help to pending process of ageing because yoga indirectly protects the caps at the end of chromosomes.

You should let it see some people with playing yoga daily, they usually express happiness, fun and comfort although they can still face with troubles as a normal person.

Then you can live longer and happier.

Health benefits of yoga within 15 minutes daily

Yoga is one of the most popular workout in the busy life. If you can’t arrange time to go the yoga club, you can do it by yourself at home. Only spending 15 minutes daily for yoga exercise, it can bring great benefits for health, mental as well spirit.

In this article, we continue to discuss top health benefits of yoga with only 15 minutes daily. Following it if you want to have a better life.

5/ Reduce stress

Someone is surprising why doing yoga within 15 minutes daily can reduce stress. The fact that, some oversea company encourage their staff to play some poses in yoga before having lunch. They consider that doing some exercise can improve mood better.

You should follow enough 3 parts of an exercise in yoga, including pose, breathing and meditation. When complying enough steps, you are able to have a regular heart rate. Then it leads to think slowly and reduce stress naturally. You consider some troubles simply.

6/ Breathe better

Breathing deeply is a necessary part of yoga which requires techniques to reach maximum benefits. Players should try to breathe slowly and fully from the stomach to lungs.

When you breath slowly, you feel relaxing and balancing then you have good emotion to face the day.

7/ Be happier

As a good consequence, when you are balanced everything, even some terrible stories around your life, you fell happier naturally. A study shows that practicing yoga daily, happier hormone (called as serotonin can be improved better. In addition, yoga player in a long term can have larger areas for contentment in the brain.

Conclusion: it’s great to spend 15 minute for yoga a day, then you can enjoy your brain and mood comfortably. Only waking up your mind, then your life can be better.

Health benefits of yoga within 15 minutes daily

Doing exercise plays an important role to keep health and fitness, especially officials or staff usually work in office daily. One of the most favorite sports for people, especially women is yoga. Yoga requires basic pose and gesture, but it brings many health benefits surprisingly.

In this article, we share top health benefits of yoga. Within 15 minutes daily, you are surprised and expected from visible benefits as the followings.

 1/ Improve flexibility, power and strength

In yoga, you have to practice popular poses daily, therefore, it contributes to stretch and strengthen your muscles, arms, legs abs and even shoulders in your body. Yoga is a mixed exercise to make more flexibly and actively after a long day with sitting one space.

It’s a good time to relax and practice slight poses and gestures from yoga.

2/ Improve fitness overall

When thinking about fitness, people usually imagine hard or huff with exercise in the gym or outdoor sports. But yoga doesn’t require you strictly. You only need a peaceful and quite space then take action for poses simply. However, effect is comparatively high, not less than any another sport.

It’s wonderful that you can still keep fit without consuming so much energy or power. Furthermore, you can do it at your own home.

3/ Weight loss

Practice yoga also help you to lose weight effectively. By unique poses and gesture in yoga, your muscle can become more durable and thinner. It means you are burning fat during the yoga process. It can lead to weight loss effectively.

As well improvement fitness overall without any pressure or tiredness.

4/ Create more positive energy

Are you surprising when doing yoga can provide more positive energy in your busy life? By some amazing benefits of yoga, you feel lovely, comfortable and full of energy to enjoy the lives. Thanks to it, you also work more effectively.