Why Losing Weight Fast Is Not for Everyone

Most would agree that losing weight fast is much better than losing it slow, but losing weight quickly may not be suited for everyone. Here are just a few examples of some people who should probably at least consult a doctor first (this is by NO means medical advice, or anything close to it. Pleaes consult a doctor for any medical advice):

1. Health issues: Pushing your body to losing weight slowly can be healthy in many cases, but push it too fast, and you can be asking for trouble. For example, people with circulatory/heart/respiratory risks are not well suited for obvious reasons. Generally speaking, things like excercise can strengthen the heart and increase your lifespan, as well as help you keep fit.

2. Very young/old: Common sense says that those who are very young, or old, may be at additional health risks in general compared to a middle-aged population.

3. Pregnant: Most doctors suggest that healthy pregnant women should get some excercise and eat healthy. Extremely rapid weight loss is just a bad idea for the mother and the baby.

4. Sick: This fits alongside the “health issues” point. Trying to push your body to its limits often can degrade its ability to recover from any illness.

5. Severly overweight: Historically, there have been many cases of grossly overweight individuals who lost a ton of weight quickly, and then had heart failure and other problems occur. Again, if you are really overweight, you should work with a doctor to come up with a safe weight loss plan for you.

6. Under-prepared: Fatigue, pysical/emotional stress, not enough sleep, etc… are a few things that when combined with fast weight loss, can subject the body to unnecessary stress.

NOTE: Slow weight loss may actually prove to be better. This can result from:

1. Lifestyle changes: People creating more of a semi-permanent lifestyle change (slow weight loss), vs. a hyper-aggressive weight loss regimen (fast weight loss). After the fast weight loss occurs, the dieter will obviously not continue the same weight loss program, and likely return to his/her old lifestyle habits.

2. A loss in fluid: Some weight loss techniques, like starving yourself, diuretic type supplements, etc…, can result in a temporary water loss in your body, returning the water and therefore weight.

3. Other powerful supplements: When you stop taking the supplement, will your body return to its previous state? It’s best to create a lifestyle change with a fast weight loss program, so you can keep it off.

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