What You Need to Know about Radish Nutritional Value

Based on the radish nutritional value, this particular veggie has unique trait and characteristics that can help you improve your health and fitness level. Based on the radish nutritional facts, not only this veggie contains low calories but also beneficial vitamins and nutrients. What are they? What can we get from consuming it on daily basis?

The Usage of Radish in Daily Lives
The radishes nutrition makes it possible for us to include this type of veggie into our daily diet and consumption. The radish is commonly included in salad. It’s a type of root and fleshy veggie with similar shape and form like the beetroots. You can use the top side of the veggie as the leafy consumption. The unique characteristic of the radish include strong flavor and taste. Most people usually know that radish is only available in the red variant, but you may be surprised to find out that there are radishes with lavender, black, rosy pink, purple, and white bulbs. No matter what color you choose, all radish variants are healthy and beneficial. So, be sure to find out about the radish nutritional value and how you can include it in your daily menu.

The Nutritional Value
The radish nutritional value is high; such claim has been proven by medical and health experts. According to study and research, around 90% of radish contains water. The rest of the veggie includes saturated fat and also cholesterol as well as the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Here is the nutritional value of radishes based on 100 grams of serving:

  • Radish contains 16 calories which makes it good for people who are on diet or people who watch their weight closely.
  • Radish contains less than 1 calorie of fat with very small cholesterol level.
  • It contains 3.40 grams of carbs so it will promote low glycemic rate
  • It contains around 2.2 grams of natural in 116 grams of serving.
  • It contains high numbers of vitamins, such as the vitamin C, B6, K, folate, and riboflavin.
  • It also contains high numbers of minerals, such as iron, zinc, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, sodium, and magnesium.
  • It contains 1.6 grams of fiber so it’s good for digestion and preventing constipation.
  • It contains about less than a gram of protein. Since the protein level is quite low, you need to supplement your daily menu with other leguminous veggies or foods.

The Health Benefits
Now that you have understood the radish nutritional value, it’s time to learn about the Radish nutritional benefits for our health

  • Radish can help purifying and detoxifying the blood. It is good for the stomach and liver as it can prevent jaundice. To treat jaundice, you can use black radish.
  • Radish contains high level of roughage. It is an indigestible carbs that can help your body to digest, retain water, and cure constipation. You won’t have problems with your bowel movement if you consume radishes regularly.
  • It has diuretic trait so your urine production will increase. The radish juice can really help treating burning and inflammation sensation in urinary issues.
  • It is rich in fiber so you can consume it to lose weight. Eat one of it and you will feel full faster and longer, preventing you from snacking or binging.
  • It can help treating insect sting or bites. The pruritic trait helps soothing pain or swelling when applied on the area.
  • It can be used to lower fever symptom when mixed with black salt.

Radish Preparation
If you want to get the best radish nutrition, be sure to choose the one with compact and fresh form. They are the best when cooked or eaten raw thanks to the fresh taste. There are plenty of tasty and healthy recipes with radish. Now that you know the radish nutritional value, it’s time to start consuming it.

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