The benefits of a vegetarian diet

I have recently been doing some home research into the benefits of a vegetarian diet, just to see how helpful they can be for somebody that is trying to regain their life. I have been really surprised at the numerous benefits that vegetarian diets possess, that being said, in this article intend to cover several weight loss diets that are aimed at helping anybody lose unwanted weight.

The major benefit of vegetarian diets is that they are extremely low in fat, in most cases they are almost fat free. On the other hand, they are also very high in fat. Let me try and explain the point I am getting at here, most sources of saturated fat come from animal products, right? Any body should be able to tell you that, well on a vegetarian diet there are no animal products, so there is no saturated fat from animal products.

However, most vegetarian diets recommend that you start eat nuts, most nuts are very high in mono-unsaturated fat, which is actually quite good for you. In fact around 30 percent of your diet should consist of mono-unsaturated fat with only around 3% of your diet being saturated fat.

the benefits of a vegetarian diet

The story does not end there I am afraid, there are some vegetarian foods that you may think are healthy for you when they are really not. Coco-nuts is a great example, many people thing that they are healthy, when in fact they are extremely high in saturated fat, more so than a steak (depending on the size of the steak naturally.)

Also, one thing that I should have pointed out at the beginning is that when I say vegetarian diet, I am referring to a lacto-ovo vegetarian, which means that the vegetarian is allowed to eat milk and eggs, well, I would not say allowed by they do not see a problem with it.

I remember that one of my friends in high school was a vegetarian and everybody would ask this same damn question, can you still eat fish? I still to this day can not understand why some people are so stupid, do they believe that fish is not an animal? Maybe they think it is a plant and therefore ok, what ever the reason, no a vegetarian can not eat fish and call themselves a vegetarian.

It is more along the lines of somebody that has a very select diet.
Back to the original article, I have got to stop going off on random tangents. There are several benefits associated with the use of a vegetarian diet, the main one is that they are extremely low in saturated fat – in most instances, they do not even have saturated fat in the diet.

One thing that I forgot to mention is that vegetarian diets are also very low in sugar, which as you can imagine is a massive plus for you on your weight loss journey. They are also very high in complex carbohydrates which means that you will have long lasting energy.

Therefore, if you want to start losing weight, then a vegetarian diet is definitely the way to go.

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