Pseudoephedrine Weight Loss: The Facts, Side Effects, and Warnings

Have you ever heard about the Pseudoephedrine weight loss? It is basically a type of dieting program that is using the pseudoephedrine to help the dieters to lose weight. All these years, the weight loss supplements and drugs have been available around us to help us shed off extra pounds. They are designed and created to help people with difficulties to lose weight so these drugs can help suppressing the appetite or increasing the metabolism rate. But some of these drugs weren’t originally manufactured to help people with weight issues, but somehow, they are considered as one of the fast weight loss system that can deliver satisfying result. Or so what they say.

About Pseudoephedrine
The usages of pseudoephedrine for weight loss have been around since people are quite accustomed to having the drug around. The so called Pseudoephedrine weight loss is referring to the action of people using drugs with pseudoephedrine as the main substance to help them with weight issue. The pseudoephedrine is basically being used as a decongestant to help nasal blockage and allergy problems. The FDA has approved the usage of pseudoephedrine as a decongestant, but they have never approved the usage of the substance for helping people with weight issue. Some people, however, have their own ideas and thought, thinking that they can use the decongestant as a diet supplement to help the lose weight. These smart and creative people have found out that the pseudoephedrine can suppress appetite when consumed so the users won’t experience hunger – on temporary term, so they are using it to help them with their weight issue. However, they don’t realize that the abuse of such substance can lead to more serious medical condition. There are serious side effects that are waiting for them.

The Misconception
Although this drug isn’t included in the weight loss product list, some people are still abusing it and using it to help them shed off some extra pounds. After all, the drugs are sold freely and they are available for purchase without prescription, while the sellers often store the drugs silently and secretly because of its popularity. The pseudoephedrine is basically used to eliminate the pressure of sinus and nasal congestion. This substance functions to narrow the blood vessels so people with cold and allergy issue can breathe normally and well. But some people think that the substance is closely related to ephedra, which is often used in diet supplements or diet products. Ephedra can suppress appetite and claimed to boost the metabolism rate, but not many drug manufacturers want to use it anymore since it causes jittery and nervousness. The FDA has banned the usage of ephedra within diet drugs or supplements because of its dangerous side effects, although it may help people lose weigh within short term only. If you are thinking about having the Pseudoephedrine weight loss, you may as well just forget it and find other program that is safe.

The Side Effects
If you want to do this Pseudoephedrine weight loss, you need to know that the pseudoephedrine isn’t the best natural weight loss substance. The most common side effects are weakness, nausea, vomiting, restlessness, jittery, and headache. If you stop using the drugs, then those symptoms will likely go away as well. But if you start experiencing insomnia, dizziness, racing heart, breathing problems, irregular heartbeat and stomach pain, you should see your doctors right away and have yourself checked.

Serious Warning
The pseudoephedrine isn’t meant to be used for longer term. It can produce rapid weight loss effect, but that’s it; you won’t get more result or benefits from it on longer run. Moreover, the drugs can interact with other medicines, so beware if you are consuming other diet drugs and other medicines. It’s not worth doing the Pseudoephedrine weight loss.

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