Learning and Knowing Which Alcohol Has the Least Calories

If you like to drink while going out or socializing with friends, you need to know which alcohol has the least calories. Over the years, liquor and alcoholic beverages have been considered responsible for the weight gain and the obesity problems. The terms beer belly refers to the condition where someone has huge belly as the effect of his beer consumption. But is it true that alcohol should take all the blame? Is it true that all alcoholic beverages are dangerous for our health? There are several facts that you may want to know – including the one with the least calorie alcohol – so you can watch yourself better.

Alcohol and Weight Gain
People have always thought that foods are mainly responsible for weight gain, but the drinks can also play important role to make ourselves go fat and obese. Everything that we eat or drink will go straight into the blood system and processed by the body. So if you want to watch out for your figure or you want to lose weight to get the ideal body shape, it is important to pay attention to what you eat as well to what you drink. If you want to play it safe, consuming water will do, but if you can’t live without liquor or a sip of wine, you need to pay attention to the right proportion. Some alcoholic beverages – such as beer, rum with diet coke, or gin and tonic – are quite low in calories. But the others are quite high, such as margarita mixed with tequila – because of the mixed contents. Alcohol with least calories is the rum with diet soda as it only contains 65 calories. A cranberry juice can contain 140 calories because of the syrup and the sugar. Of course, if you have one shot only, it won’t be a problem. But if you have 10 shots of rum and diet soda, for example, you may be as well as adding up extra pounds for yourself.

The Mixed Beverages
Again, the mixed beverages are mostly the one that is mainly responsible for weight gain. If you want to have alcohol with the least calories, you need to keep it plain with no mixture at all. If you want it combined with other stuffs, you need to be careful of the huge calories hidden inside those drinks. For example, 2 oz of tequila mixed with margarita contains about 500 calories within one shot alone. The reason why it has very high calories is because of the sugar, triple sec, sour mix, and the lime juice. Imagine what the drink can do to your body if you consume more than one shot.  If you can’t give up your drinking habit, at least try to know more about the types of alcohol and their calories. If you know about which alcohol has the least calories, you can manage your drinking habit as well as your calories intake.

Keep it Simple
Again, if you want to consume the least calories alcohol, it’s better to keep it simple and plain with no mixture involved. A simple wine or light beer will do. If you want to, you can create your own drinks – provided that you have a mini bar at home. For some people, change of life style can lead them to better and healthier life style, but of course, it really depends on you.

A Reminder
Again, alcohol itself isn’t the one that is mostly responsible for your weight issue; it is the mixture and the added sugar or syrup. It doesn’t hurt to find out more about what alcohol has the least amount of calories and the safer combination for them. If you know about which alcohol has the least calories, you won’t have to worry about your figure and weight anymore.

Alcoholic Smoothies
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