How to Lose Belly Fat without Weights

Have you ever thought of losing fat with out losing weight? It is myth that one can not loose fat with out loosing weight. Well it is true to loose weight we loose fat by burning it. But if our weight is perfect only excess fat need to be burned then this can be done. Though it sound little impossible but this pretty much possible. Thus if you wish to loose belly fat with out hamper your perfect weight, this is possible. To burn belly fat you need to develop abdominal muscles that will give you flatter Tommy. This can be done with out using any machine. You must put up focused exercising regimes below mentioned are some important exercise which help you burn excess fat with our making you loose your weight. One must also keep in mind that balanced diet is equally important. Eating healthy makes you powerful and charged up for your exercise.

Plank: lie down upside down with your stomach on the floor, keep elbows under shoulders. Make your body straight in line with spine, now raise it same way. Hold it as long as possible. Make sure not to raise buttock and head. Maintain a straight line during the exercise. This will help in reducing fat a good deal.

Knee Tuck: make your self comfortable by sitting straight, then bend knees, now keep you knees firmly fold and stretch your body back with same straight posture. By doing this you will form shape like V. hold it for few seconds again repeat this exercise several times. Make sure you inhale when knee come nearer and exhale when it goes back.

Hip Roll: lie down and keep your posture straight. Now bend your knee keeping foot firm at ground. Now twist your lower body on side such that you must feel contraction in your muscles. Exhale while coming back to normal position. Repeat this with several times and also respect it with the other leg.

Rotation: make you feet slightly apart and stand straight keeping an erect posture. Keep hands behind head. Make you knee up and twist the mid section of body to touch elbow with opposite knee. Go back to normal position and repeat this exercise. Make sure to keep your hand behind the head.

All of these healthy exercises will result in fat loss with our abdominal muscles loss. You will have perfect belly with perfect weight.

All of these exercises will help to tone abdominal muscles and thus burn belly fat

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