Extreme and Quick Weight loss Exercise Plan for Men

If you want to get in shape over a short period of time you will need extreme and quick weight loss exercise plan. Men have the tendencies of having their belly button filled with fat as soon as they reach mature age. The pork-belly syndrome is not really ideal as it unappealing from both aesthetical and health point of view. Too much fat around your chest and belly can gives you bigger risk of having health problems such as heart disease and diabetes. In addition, in general women prefer men with flat belly, especially those with six-packs, compared to men with pork belly. To lose the fat quickly, Customized Fat Loss Program is needed.

The Exercise Plans

Here are some workout routines to lose weight effectively and fast:

  • Focus on cardiovascular and muscle building exercises. You can do this focus working on the stomach and chest muscles while also train your other body muscles. Training your body muscles will help you improve your metabolism which leads your body to burn more fat. In addition you can do running or biking for your cardiovascular exercise at least 30 to 45 minutes nonstop three to five times a week to effectively melt away the fat
  • Do crunches to tone and build the abdominal muscles. Do it by lying up on the floor, keep your feet flat on the floor while bending your knees, the position of your arm are folded across your chest. Next is to raise your upper body, the shoulder, slowly toward your knees, hold it at the top for about one second then lower your shoulder slowly back on the floor. You can repeat the crunches four set of 20 repetitions three times each week for best result.
  • Do regular push up to tone and build your belly and chest muscles. The focus area of muscles toned by the push ups are the arms, middle chest and shoulders. Performs the pushups four sets of 20 repetitions three days each week of workout schedule to lose weight to achieve best result.

The Dietary Plan

To lose the weight on your belly even faster it is recommendable for you to combine the workouts for losing weight with a proper and healthy dietary plan. You can do this by planning your daily meals: prefer healthy unprocessed food, vegetables and fruit to unhealthy processed food with high fat and sugar. By combining both exercise and diet you can get the best result of your quick weight loss exercise plan.

For more information about Customized Fat Loss Program, please read this Customized Fat Loss Program Review.

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