Effective Weight Loss Exercise Program for Men

While claiming it as the Best Weight Loss Workouts for Men might be an overstatement and arguable, I dare to say that the Fat Loss Factor Program I’d like to discuss in this article is really effective and beneficial. Many men are struggling to keep and maintain their ideal weight as their get older. The restrain of work that force men to sit in front of the computer almost all day long and the quality of junk food they usually eat make the tendencies for having overweight body even bigger. This condition can lead to serious health problem risk such as diabetes or heart disease thus we need to workouts to lose weight while maintaining healthy lifestyle.

The Weightlifting and Cardio Exercise

Besides cardio vascular exercise, in order to be able to lose weight effectively you should also combine it with weightlifting for several sessions each day three or four days every week on your workouts weight loss schedule. To get the most desirable result you have to focus your exercise to target on a particular muscles area of the body. Do the exercise in maximal repetition of set of eight or twelve and enough weight restrain until your muscles completely exhausted when the workout over. To increase the level of your training, simply increase the weight about 5 or 10% when you are able to do over 12 repetitions without feeling fatigued. Some examples of weight exercise you can try are: bench presses, squats, AB crunches, and pushups. With the body muscles well-trained it will help improve the metabolism and burn the fat faster.

Cardiovascular exercise is arguably the most important exercise on your workout plan for weight loss. While the weight exercise focuses on gaining muscle mass, the cardio training will force the heart to work faster and help as the catalyst to order the body to burn the fat out of our body system. You can do cardio exercise in virtually every place. You ride the treadmill machines or elliptical at the gym or simply running or biking around you’re your neighborhood. Both will have similar effect for your weight loss program.

The Diet

To complement the cardio and weight exercise for your workouts with weights for men you need to combine them with proper dietary program such as:

  • Eat unprocessed food such as: vegetables, fruit, whole grain
  • Avoid red meat and food that contains high level of sugar and fat
  • Drink a lot amount of water

The combination of the diet as well as the cardio and weight exercise will give you, in my humble opinion, the best weight loss workouts for men.

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