Consuming Foods with Good Carbs

Have you ever wondered about foods with good carbs? It doesn’t mean that foods with bad carbs will make your deal with threatening or dangerous effect after you consume them; it is more to the facts that the substances contained inside the foods may not be healthy enough for you. Obesity is the health issue that is increasing from years to years, because the numbers of people suffering from it is always adding up. The main cause of such problems lies on the types of foods people consume and the inactive physical condition. If you want to live healthily, avoid unhealthy weight gain, be able to lose weight, and maintain the ideal weight, you need to pay attention to the right food categories – especially the ones with the good carbs.

What about Carbs?
You need to understand good carbs bad carbs before consuming anything. Carbs or carbohydrate is one of the most essential substances that are needed by the body – besides fat and protein. Its main function is to provide energy to the body. Carbs will be turned by the body into glucose by the help of special hormone called insulin, which is produced by the pancreas. Insulin is needed to help the body absorb glucose better. When the pancreas produce the insulin, there will be an increase in the blood sugar – such increase is usually called as spike. If you consume pure carbs from whole grain products, the insulin needed won’t be too much so there will not be any sudden or drastic spike. But when you consume refined grain products containing the ‘not so good carbs’, more insulin will be needed to process the carbs. It will lead to drastic glucose spike. Sudden spike isn’t very good for the body as it will make the body deplete of energy faster than it should have. If you consume bad carbs, you will feel hungry faster – leading to more snacking. What if you don’t consume carbs at all? You will suffer from malnutrition because you will always need ‘fuel’ to keep you going the whole day. Cabs are the main source of energy that is needed by the body. That’s why you need foods with good carbs.

Good vs. Bad Carbs
As it was mentioned before, good carb foods will provide longer fulfilling effect so you won’t easily feel hungry. There won’t be any cravings anymore. Once you consume the good carbs, the body will process and turn it into energy in slow manner. You won’t experience sudden glucose spike because there is no significant increase in the blood sugar level. Your pancreas won’t work extra hard to produce insulin either. But since everything happens slowly, you won’t easily get hungry. The need for cravings or snacking will reduce significantly. On the other hand, when you consume bad carbs, everything will happen on the opposite manner.

Lists of Foods with Good Carbs
Here are the lists of foods with good carbs.

  • The whole grains. Whole grain breads or pasta and the brown rice are rich in healthy carbs.
  • Veggies and fruits. You may not know it but fruits and veggies do have healthy carbs content within them.
  • Seeds and nuts. Walnuts, almonds, or sunflower seeds are rich in carbs. But be careful about the right proportion as they are also rich in fat.

You can browse around for more details on the good carbs food list

Planning Healthy Menu and Intake
You can have better and healthier life style if you want to pay attention to your own meal menu and the good low carb foods. You only need to spend your time a bit to arrange the proper dieting menu. If you want to spend your time planning your meal carefully and consume more foods with good carbs, you can live healthily and also lose weight.

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