Bodyweight Burn Workout

The Bodyweight Burn workouts included 3 types of exercises which are

  1. Afterburner
  2. Cardioflow
  3. Metabolic-muscle

There are the exact 3 types of workouts that focus on 21 minutes only which also concentrate on using your very own body for weight with zero gym equipment at all. If you have gone through my Bodyweight Burn review, then have more or less understanding those 3 workouts mentioned above.

The workout session is broken down into 2 phases on six weeks each. The first 6 weeks which is phase 1 that focuses on metabolic base (to increase your metabolism and turning on your fat burning mode) and the next following 6 weeks which is phase 2 that focuses on metabolic explosion (which upgraded in the level of difficulty workouts).

bodyweight burn workout adam steer

Bodyweight Burn Recommended Foods & Supplements

There are foods which are HIGHLY recommended in the Carbohydrate-synch Diet which are avocado, olive oil, nuts, yogurt, green tea, salmon, garlic and onions, broccoli, berries, coconut oil, white rice, fruits and low-fat cheese.

There are thousands of supplements in the weight loss industry but we are just picking the right one for you to avoid further confusion and are easy for you to make a decision based on my guide. Supplements are not necessary if you do not want to have faster results:

  1. Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)  Helps in muscle recovery and growth which can prevent muscle tissue to breakdown, reduce joint soreness and lastly you will find yourself having more training sessions when you take BCAA supplement.
  2. Carnitine  Take with your breakfast and before working out. It will enhance your overall performance on your workout sessions.
  3. A protein powder  Building muscles require this protein powder, as it is a fundamental blocks for muscles and building muscle process. It can maximize your weight loss efforts by turning your body into a fat burning machine to build your lean muscle quickly.
  4. Omega 3  This supplement can assist you in weight loss and have several health benefits such as reducing diseases, improved cholesterol levels, healthier heart health and is good for your joints.
  5. Multivitamin  one of the most common recommendation supplements in weight loss plan. It serves to ensure your body to get the daily nutrients it needs to run smoothly.

IMPORTANT: This information does not serve as medical advice or counseling; do consult your very own doctor before trying out these new supplements.

These are the basic supplements that you need to speed up your progress.

Note: You may want to check out my Bodyweight Burn review on that program as well. It will be helpful to help you understand what does the bodyweight burn has to offer.

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