Be Practical to Calculate How Many Calories to Lose Weight

Is it important to calculate how many calories to lose weight? Of course, the only answer leads someone to one of online calorie calculators, which are widely available these days. Indeed, counting calories to lose weight is necessary to keep someone stays on the right track. To lose weight, someone is to not only limit or even starve the calorie intake, but also burn the calorie.

Between Limiting and Burning
Beyond the limiting or burning calorie matter, slow rate of weight loss is the most effective and safest approach based on the majority of health professionals. A sensible and doable program allows for gradual weight loss, around a half or one pound each week. Different from the loss of water weight, which quickly goes and regains, chucking out body fat requires slow but sure weight loss for long-term effect. Losing one pound a week equals to 3,500 calorie burning, while daily calorie intake usually reaches 500. The best way of dealing with the calories for weight loss is to reduce the calorie intake into 300 and burning 200 calories each day. Although such numbers are just for exemplifying, a sudden change will not only disorient one’s awareness, but also the body system. Therefore, slowly increased physical activity is necessary until one pond loss per week is reachable, followed by the constancy of weight loss maintenance.

Basal Metabolic Rate
In addition to calculate how many calories to lose weight, counting the Basal Metabolic Rate is crucial. The BMR for women is 655 + (weight x 4.35) + (height X 4.7) – (age x 4.7). The BMR for men is 66 + (weight x 6.23) + (height x 12.7) – (age x 6.8). Going online for BMR calculator is the most practical technique of finding the right level of BMR. Still, going to the basic rule of losing weight is the following step to take, both decreasing the daily caloric intake and increasing the physical activity level.

Minimum Calorie Intake
In general, healthy daily calorie intake for women is 1200 and for men is 1800. On the other hand, daily calorie intake to lose weight is different, of course. However, just as for healthy calorie intake, activity level and body composition influence how many calories to take for weight loss. No wonder, sometimes the general rule does not work successfully for some people. There are two important guidelines when someone reduces calories intake. First, do not lowering the intake over 1000 calories, especially when the body clearly senses starvation response. Yo-yo effect is usually the result of such extreme, intolerable calorie cut. Second, again, gradually lower the calorie intake because sudden calorie drop causes slow metabolism. Likewise, never take too lightly the habit of eating slowly. Researches continually suggest that heavier people are faster eaters. Always be careful to lower calorie intake because too low calorie level causes these problems.

  • The muscle mass undergoes catabolism to produce energy.
  • In general, metabolic rate drops on the third day of too low calorie diet, but it depends on the catabolism.
  • Too low calorie level leads to nutritional deficiencies, sluggishness, fatigue, and even irritability. Returning to the previous diet only produces extra fat.

Keep Tracking
The most important point of calculating how many calories to eat to lose weight is to keep track of the food consumption. Consider writing a journal listing every food and the calories. Nutritional Facts on the packaged food can be helpful, but do not forget to include how many servings for each mealtime. Looking up the calorie information for unpacked food will help for detailed and precise calorie calculation. The good news is that more online websites offer the service to calculate how many calories to lose weight, so the only task to do is staying accountable, being vigilant and responsible to cut back calories.

You can try our Nutritional Calculators on the right side of this blog. With these calculators, you can calculate how many calories to lose weight.

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