Hello, Welcome to FatlossFacto.com. Thank you for visiting this blog. Introducing, my name is Edward, I come from Indonesia, and a country that has a natural beauty is stunning. And I am the author and webmaster of this blog, namely FitnessFacto.com.

And what for I built this blog? And what are to be discussed here? The purpose of this blog is to provide knowledge in the field of weight loss, fitness, nutrition and other information related to weight loss.

The articles that appeared on this blog I have gained through personal experience and from various sources that I got through the internet. Previously I own has a very thin body, in other words not ideal. So I did a fitness activity at a gym in my town, I was taught by some of the personal trainers who are willing to teach me About good exercise technique, and what are the nutritious foods that should be consumed.

During exercises in the gym, I know a few personal trainers who always guided me to do the right fitness activities and help me in choosing nutritious foods should be consumed. However, I also became acquainted with a member at this gym and exchange of information and mutual assistance in performing activities in the gym. So by practicing in the gym, I got new knowledge about fitness and nutrition, and I also get new friends.

As I’ve said before, that I had a very thin body before, and my friend advised me to exercise at the gym and eating nutritious food, thus helping to add my weight. And see now, I can gain weight I want, that is not too thin and not too fat, but ideal.

In principle, it is similar to what happens to people who are overweight. They rarely do exercise and eat lots of fatty foods. While I also exercise less and eat less nutritious foods, so that my body is very thin. Well, so basically, if you want to get the ideal body weight, then we should exercise regularly and eat nutritious food.

Then why do many people who want an ideal body shape? Of course by having the ideal body shape, we can be more confident in public. But not only because of outward appearance, by having a nice body, we will automatically become healthier, and with a healthy body we can perform our daily activities with gusto. You can feel it by yourself later after having a healthy body, that by having a healthy body, the world will feel more beautiful.

I hope the articles that I published in this blog can benefit us all. And don’t forget to give your comment on my published articles.

For my friends who wanted to ask me, please go to Contact page. And if you also wanted to donate your experiences in this blog, then I would be very happy, because we can share with others to get a better life in the future.

Forgive me if the writing on this blog is not good.

Starting today, let us live our days with a healthy lifestyle.

Please enjoy this blog. Thanks for visiting here.

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